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BM steps out-who pays for dress now?

Hi! This is my first time writing-and hopefully my last (at least on this issue any way!)
So, BM's dresses have been picked out and the place we got the dresses from had everyone fill out their own little sheet and leave deposits and payments and what not seperately (not sure if that is how it works everywhere).  To make a veryyyy long story short I had a BM step out of the wedding (through email which makes it even better!-just had to throw that in!).  Now I'm not to sure who is responsible for this dress.  Since this particular dress shop had the girls each take care of their own dress and the payments, I right now don't know if she even payed for the whole dress yet. I'm so stuck and I just want to make sure I do the right thing. Please help!!!! Thanks all! xoxo

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Re: BM steps out-who pays for dress now?

  • Well, if the issue is that your BM of her own volition backed down then it seems like the issue over her dress is her own business deal with the store - not your business deal with the store.

    So just don't replace her and let her figure out her end of things there.

    But in the meantime I hope it wasn't a friendship issue that caused this and that you two are still friends.  Happy planning!
  • Thanks so much. Yeah friendship not looking too hot right now-but with everything that happend I do believe its a blessing in disguise. I was going to do what you suggested but I wasn't sure if having her deal with it was the right thing.  Glad to hear I was on the right track! (thats always nice right? lol) Thanks again for responding so quickly! Best of luck to you as well!
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  • It really depends on the dress shop.  She ought to be responsible (since you didn't kick her out) and hopefully that will be the case since she had arrangements directly with the dress shop.  However, it's possible that the shop will not give you any of the dresses if they aren't all paid for, if they are all listed as being for your wedding.  If that happens you may have to suck it up and pay whatever is remaining on her dress.
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  • Thanks quotequeen!  Thats also a possibility I didn't think of.  Yeah, if she just doesn't pay for it, and we can't get the rest of the dresses until that dress is paid for, I will just cough up the rest of the money to save myself the headache! Totally not worth the drama! :)
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  • The problem (dress, payment) is hers, not yours. I'd let her and the dress shop deal with it
  • Since she is the one with a deposit and a contract on the dress, it's her problem, not yours.
  • From the sound of it, it definitely seems like it's going to be her responsibility to deal with it. Doesn't quite mean she will though.
    Just be glad she at least told you she was dropping out.
    Unless the shop starts calling YOU, I'd let it be her issue to deal with.
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  • Thanks to everyone! All of your responses really put me at ease on the subject! Best wishes to all of you!
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  • To be safe, I might give the shop a call and see about the status of her order.  Perhaps it can be canceled or something.  I agree it is her responsibility but it may avoid a bigger headache later on if you attempt to deal with it sooner than later, especially since she doesn't sound particularly reliable.  A short phone call could make a big difference.
  • Good idea balasj.  I think I might  just give them a call to avoid any problems. :)
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  • I agree with balasj.  Although, when you call, I wouldn't let them know that you had someone step out, or give any identifying information---just ask the question in general.  If they know someone in your party won't likely be paying for the dress, they might hold on to them even if they wouldn't normally.  I hope you get this figured out!
  • I agree with everyone. Your BM put the deposit down so unless she is going to buy the dress, she is forfeiting her deposit and the dress.
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