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Need some advice...

I dont know what to do. Dh and i booked our ceremony and venue site and made a deposit. The lady who handles that said she couldnt get the contract together that days, to come back and see her when we spoke to the restraunt caterers. So we did that and she made up some excuse about her printer breaking last minute so shed email it to me! Well she emailed it to me and it was wrong, so we had to email her, when he didnt answer the eamil we called her and it was a pain getting her on the phone. Well we had her fix the contract and she emailed it back to me, we printed it and signed it and then i called her several times, no answer no call back and ive emailed her several times for an address to send the contract back, and i have yet to hear back from her. i dont know what to do, i dont really want to work with a venue who is going to be a pain in the rear to get in contact with. And not to mention their florist and caterer said they would email me prices and lists of things and i have yet to hear from them!! Should i switch venues? we did make a deposit for the venue but they havent gotten the contract back, you think i should switch and see about getting out deposit back?!

Re: Need some advice...

  • This would also be a big red flag to me. You should not have given them any money without having the protection of the contract in the other hand, but coulda, shoulda ....

    I'd find another venue. As much as you can be in love with a space, if the vendors (especially your main point person) aren't being professional and easy to work with now, things aren't likely to improve once you ARE locked into a no-refund contract.

    If you sent the deposit by check, put a stop-payment on it. If you paid with credit card, call you credit card company to refute charges. Don't mail them that contract! And don't let her try to scare you into thinking that you're already in-contract: until it's signed by you both and on-file, you're not. Otherwise, I could email you any contract I want and claim you have an obligation to me. Yes, a deposit implies some kind of arrangement, but since there's no contract and it's so far in advance that there's no way they could prove they've suffered any loss, the monies would just be for services rendered - for which there were none, and thus you are entitled to get the deposit back, no loss for either party.
  • I agree with hydrangea's input. YOU are the customer. If they don't have time to answer your questions now, if their equipment (printer) breaks down, if they dodge you now, when they should be trying to impress you, I'd find another venue. And stop payment on the deposit, or fight it out with them. They don't have a signed contract, you have it in your hands.

    Good luck.
  • this lady is crazy!! she has sent me 3 emails since 12AM last night trying to prove her point on her replying to emails. i wrote her back and told her she shouldnt be arguing with a cistomer and isnt the customer always right!! I told her if she doesnt stop responding adn arguing with me i may feel the need to contact her supervisor
  • If she is arguing with you then I definitely have to go with the option of finding another venue. Most generally I try to give people and places the benefit of the doubt, but once hotstility and "stories" start I have to go into defense mode!
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