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July 2010 Weddings

PIP of the day: Centerpieces

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Re: PIP of the day: Centerpieces

  • These came out soooo much better then I ever thought they could have.

    My mother and i spent 8 months collecting vintage cut glass bowls and vases.  I told my florist what I kinda  thought I wanted and never saw a mock up and VOILA!  It was perfect.  I loved them so much.
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  • My 14 year old daughter *made* my centerpieces.  They are in silver buckets with red ribbon tied around them.  I loved them.  Smile

  • I don't have my professional pics back yet but these are my balls that were on top of black iron stands
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    We had a variety of centerpieces because we had long tables and round tables and did two centerpieces that we alternated for each kind of table (so four different ones total). Here's two of them:
    Round table

    Long Table

  • These are ones I've nabbed off of a friends FB page.  Pro Pics should be in this week!

  • I don't have pro pics back either (hopefully today or tomorrow, keeping fingers crossed!), but here is a pic my cousin took of her table. It's kind of close up, so you can't see the fullness of the flowers, but I was beyond happy with them. Like Amerbutt, I told my florist what I was looking for, but never saw a mockup. And they came out gorgeous. :)

  • tall snapdragons

    short hydrangeas

    7/10/10 image Dandy
  • This was one of the 3 centerpieces we had. 
    Tall vase with roses placed in the vase attached to pink wire with a large hydrangea ball on the top (we used the hydrangea balls on the pews at our church)

    We also had square vases with hydrangeas & roses & large low "fish" bowls with rose petals & floating candles in it.
  • Tall centerpieces:

    Short centerpieces (not a pro pic, sorry!):

    Cake table decorations:

    Escort card table decorations:

  • Real simple, but they turned out pretty!  We did them ourselves.

  • I LOVED my very simple flowers!

    Orchids for the cocktail hour tables

    Table centerpieces

      Full table set up

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  • l337Jacquil337Jacqui member
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    made them ourselves!

    live beta fish in each centerpiece!

    the cards i designed with a food packet and saran wrap stapled to the back so guests could easily take them home (wrap the saran wrap over the top of the centerpiece for the car ride home lol...i tried to think of everything so there was NO excuse for guests not to take them home with them haha) :) 

    all 15 lived and were taken home by guests at the end of the night! :D
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  •   This is a mock up of the actual centerpieces.  I don't have any pro pics yet.
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  • Hand cut wood from my papa!

    I wanted 3 orchids in the vase and I'm still not sure why there was 1 on top and 2 of the side. It must have been because they  didn't fit well in the vase.

    wish this pic wasn't so dark my pro pics are too big for TK...gotta fix them

  • This is really one of the only pictures I have of the centerpiece that shows almost the whole thing. Our photographer went in before people arrived and took pictures, so I can't wait to see those!

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