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Calligrapher Recommendations and STD label etiquette?

Hi Ladies! I've checked the vendor list on the knot, but i was looking for personal recommendations for calligraphers in the area (and ballpark cost, if you remember!), for my actual wedding invitations. 

Also, for my STD's i was originally planning to print addresses on clear labels (Our envelopes came with preprinted return addresses), but the more i read, the more i'm learning that's not quite appropriate. Is it okay to print the addresses directly from a computer onto the envelope? Or do they need to be hand written like the formal invitations?

(I'm also posting a version of this on the invites board, but i've learned things vary regionally, so i wanted to check here too!) 

Re: Calligrapher Recommendations and STD label etiquette?

  • Honestly, I don't care what anyone says, I'm doing either clear labels or hand writing them myself most likely will go the label route to save money. I think it's ridiculous to spend so much money onsomething that will end up in the trash the envelope that is Afterall, there are so many nice font downloads out there! And no one in my family will care or even notice that it was "improper etiquette". But to each their own, there are people that will disagree with my opinion, and that's fine.
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  • Great timing! I just sent out my invitations and used LMM Calligraphy: http://logansmmc.blogspot.com/ She is the nicest woman, does fabulous work, and her prices are very reasonable. It was well worth it and I'm very pleased with my decision to use her. We got several compliments on the calligraphy already; I think it sets the tone of the event very well. I'd suggest contacting her and getting on her calendar soon if you are interested. Let me know if you have any specific questions.
  • I agree with Wynter010Beauty, when I get an invitation in the mail I never snark at it like "oh, they didn't use a calligrapher, how rude of them." The envelope goes in the trash, so I will also be handwriting or using labels.  My only worry with the print-at-home labels is if the ink will run if the envelope gets wet.  I have no experiance with clear labels.
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  • You can really do whatever you want!  I cannot stomach paying someone to write addresses on an envelop that will only be thrown in the garbage.  I am having a good friend of mine address them becuase she has beautiful handwriting and she is doing it as her wedding present to me.  No one will care at all if you do not use a calligrapher.  I personally chose to spend that extra money elsewhere for the wedding.
  • for my save the dates i hand-wrote them myself. honestly i was afraid to post that before so thanks wynter for posting! for the actual invites i might try and run the envelopes through my printer and just do it that way. definitely wont be hiring anyone though.
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  • I think there are a lot of wedding traditions that may not make sense for every bride today.   If you really want calligraphered envelopes, then go for it, but if you're just doing it because you read somewhere that it was proper etiquette, I wouldn't worry too much.  

    I saw on of those funny someEcards on Pinterest that said "Sorry I spent three seconds reviewing the wedding invitation you spent three months on."  In the end, I agree with the other posters, your envelopes go right in the trash.
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