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April 2011 Weddings

Homemade Christmas- AWing lots of pictures

Ok, first let me say that the family members who have already received their gifts have loved the personal touches and have said that they prefer homemade to an impersonal storebaught gift any day. However, I will not be doing this again, at least not on this scale! It was a lot of work and I just finished up last night, which stresses me out :) Here we go:

About halfway through...I made all of the gift tags.

Making silly faces in the mirror I fixed up for my sister. I bought this at a thrift store and it was really gaudy gold, dirty nasty mirror. After some spray paint and an etched "P" in the middle (her name is Paige), it's good as new!

Before picture of letters for my BIL and his girlfriend.

And here's the after. They're for decoration and look much cooler in person. They each also get an etched beer stein.

Etching doesn't photograph very well, but it looks amazing in person. I etched pyrex dishes for my grandmothers, mom, and MIL (great for potlucks!), a few beer steins, and a couple of vases. The vase says "home sweet home." The tall vase says my stepmother's name.

I made this sign for my dad to put in his office at work. He works for Pepsi, thus the Mtn Dew logo. He adores homemade stuff- and even though this turned out a little sloppy, he loved it.

I made this for my stepbrother. how did I make a Spanish/English Dictionary you may ask....

I didn't! But I did hollow out the inside as a secret hideaway! DH says I'm crazy for creating a stash book for a 13 year old. He loved it :)

Here's another gift for my mom. It's made from a candlestick and an old plate found at the thrift store. Spraypaint and doily added- looks so dainty.

This was DH's idea to make for his dad who's a big fisherman. The letters are made from fishing lures. I hope he likes it...would look neat in their garage next to the lil fishing boat.

And you guys have seen this already...an ornament wreath made from Christmas ball ornaments and a wire hanger. I made two- one for each set of Brad's grandparents.

I also made a few Christmas decorations for the house:

Snowflakes to deck the halls. Made from popsicle sticks painted red. Also, the garland hanging around the doorways in the distance is homemade.

Christmas tree made from book pages. Shoutout to the cowboy Santa. Ho Ho Ho- HOWDY!

Thanks everyone for letting me brag. I'm worn out from all of the DIY, but it's so fun!

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Re: Homemade Christmas- AWing lots of pictures

  • Court- wow these look amazing! You have such a good talent for DIY stuff. I love everything but I especially love that wreath, I really want one! You should sell stuff like this.
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  • Those look amazing Court!  I have to finish my stuff up tonight/tomorrow... yikes!!
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  • Great stuff, chica!  You can just sense the love and care that went into each item - your family is lucky!  :)
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  • Everything looks wonderful! You are a crafty queen!! :D
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  • And when will your Etsy shop be open? 
  • Thanks everybody! Ya'll know how to boost a girl's confidence :)

    Linds, I wanna see pictures off all your stuff when you're done.

    Liz, you could totally do the wreath, it's pretty easy!

    Colleen, yeah right. When it becomes work it's not fun anymore! Plus, I'm sure it's pretty time consuming. :( womp womp

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  • Well if you ever get tired of the courts, I do believe you've got a major talent to fall back on. 
  • Thanks! Maybe in my retirement. That's not far, just like 32 years or so ;)

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  • WOW. 
    Like, really WOW.
    I can understand why you'd never want to take on that much of a project again, but it's seriously impressive. 
  • Gorgeous gifts! I have slavaged many mirrors from re-sale shops and it is amazing what a can of spray paint can do to them! You are inspiring me to make homemade gifts for next year! :)
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  • April, you're too kind!

    Ashley- my only advice is to start early! But yes, after that mirror sucess, I have been on the lookout for more mirrors to revamp. They are so expensive if bought brand new and have so little character.

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  • I have my sister on the job to take a picture of my Grandparents Wreath.  I will try and make sure that I take a picture of the bowl and little things I am doing for my other grandma.
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  • Court you are amazing!!! I could never have the patience to complete even one of the gifts you made!!
  • OK, you are a total rock star. i love all your ideas! i totally want to do this some day.
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  • Court, everything came out so cute! I love it :-)
  • You guys are so sweet.

    I also want to mention that although this took a lot of time, I really did save a lot of money and stress by not having to go to the mall area at all this Christmas. DH was the only person who didn't get handmade gifts, and I ordered everything for him on Amazon. Woohoo!

    The beer mugs were from the Dollar Store, they are heavy duty glass- I couldn't believe they were only $1 each. Pyrex was purchased at Wal-Mart for pretty cheap. Vases were found at thrift stores and cleaned up. I got the dictionary for my stepbrother's present at McKay's used bookstore for $3. All of this stuff, plus supplies probably cost under $40. I am verrrry budget minded with my crafts.

    I love that some of you want to make stuff next year. Please, let me know if you need any help! I love this stuff.

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  • WOW.  You did an amazing job!
  • Everything looks so good! I wish I had the time and the patience to do things like this! OH and you forgot, you made an ornament as well ;)
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