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August 2010 Weddings

Wedding Dress

So I thought I had found the dress I wanted- but people are making me feel like the lights of the heavens should be shining on me and angels singing in the background if it is truely "the one" well I'm going crazy I've tried on a million dresses and am yet to hear angels singing- I found a dress that I love the way I look in and am 100% comforatable in- is that not enough? Should I keep looking? This hasn't been the hardest task to accomplish!

Re: Wedding Dress

  • I don't like this new format, other than the poll option.. how do I get my knot name to show up?
  • Can you show us a pick of you in your top picks -- maybe we can help? I didn't hear angels singing lol -- I just picked a dress I loved & felt great it.
  • agreed with pp, i did not "just know". it was the one that i liked the best and was comfortable in and was perfectly my budget...just get what you like, not everybody has that "just know" or singing angels feeling
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  • I agree with everybody else.  I loved just about every dress I put on.  I was expecting to cry or something because everybody told me that until I cried, it wasn't the right dress.  I am not really a happy crying kind of person; I usually only cry when I'm really really angry or really sad.  So when I didn't cry, I figured that I'd never find my dress.  But I ultimately decided on the dress that made me feel the most "bridal" and was in my budget.  Get what you love and feel good in!
  • I am having the same problem, I have been to every bridal store within 100 miles to try and find "the one".  I knew right away after seeing my reception site it was the place and thought I would have the same feeling for the dress.  I have found one I really like, but my brother and dad's wife don't love it, but I am the one wearing it.  Also, the bridal stores around here have started to get the new dresses in and most will be in by January.  The one I like the best was a dress that they had just gotten in that week, this has by far been the thing I am having the hardest time with.  Good luck!  The dress I found is the one I couldn't stop smiling in, that's how I knew.
  • I did all of my searching on the internet, as there aren't very good dress stores where I live, then I ordered the dress from a store in a major city about 2 hours away.
    I haven't seen it or tried it on, and they have to order it in from Spain.

    I don't know if I will hear Angels singing when I try it on, but I was looking for a dress that would make me look petite and I am able to wear flat shoes with, as I am the same height as my FI, which is pretty short!  This dress fits the bill, and that's all that really matters.

    I can save up and by a ridiculous princess dress later on!!

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  • i say as long as you love it - its enough...
    i had a similar experience when i was looking for my gown. i tried a bunch on and then tried on the one. as soon as i walked out of the dressing room i had a smile on my face. that wasnt enough for me though so i continued to shop and try to look for another dress that gave me that feeling. i kept comparing the dresses to that dress and then made my decision. im not an emotional person so i didnt cry when i tried it on. i just smiled and thought to myself  that it was the one
  • yep I agree with the rest. It's not like on tv where people start crying and freaking out. I liked the dress and I didn't like anything else I had tried on. After 3 stores I had no interest in trying on more dresses.
  • i tried on A LOT of dresses and never really fell in love with any of them.  they were all were "nice".  i was about to buy a dress that everyone said i looked great in (i liked it a lot but had a couple minor things i wish i could change about it).  anyways, i thought the "omg this is THE ONE" moment was just a myth and only for girly girls that are obssessed with wedding dresses.

    but then i tried on the one i eventually ordered.  i didn't cry but i couldn't stop smiling!  everything felt "right".  i guess i knew it was the one because (1) i felt very happy in it and (2) i felt there was nothing i wanted changed to it.  i think those 2 criteria (oh yeah and budget concerns) are what matters most.

  • thanks everyone- the dress i like the best so far is Maggie Settero Dion- there isn't anything I would change on it- I just keep comparing the other dresses to it- and that one always wins out- but originally I wanted a dress that wasn't strapless, which is really hard to find one nevermind one  that I liked everything about- but just like I said before I'm not getting any special feelings telling me this is the one- It's good to know not everyone feels that way- again thanks- I might just go to one more dress shop- just to make sure but then I'm done!
  • I'm a Maggie bride, too. Dion is lovely! Your dress shop be able to order some extra fabric with the gown and have their seamstresses make you a shrug or bolero jacket that you can wear if you don't feel completely comfortable with a strapless gown. I was dead set against a strapless dress but I ended up with Maggie's Zoe, so my shop is going to make me a little jacket out of the same chiffon. I probably won't wear it the whole time, but it'll be nice to have.
  • i was absolutely postivitely anti strapless but for some reason i hated how dresses w/ straps - halter, spaghetti, etc. looked on me. however i ended up getting a strapless and i'm adding a spaghetti thin halter strap to go around my neck. it looks pretty good with it

  • I agree - everyone reacts differently.  I ended up getting the first dress I tried on - I thought it was beautiful, but hey - it was the first one, so I tried on a whole bunch more.  The rest didn't compare to this first, so I put it back on and loved it.

    No crying, no big fuss, but I love it and that's that!  Whatever makes you feel comfortable and beautiful is all you need, unless you are really going for a specific theme within your attire!

    Good luck with the rest of your dress search!

  • i didn't fall in love with my dress either. yours is similar but different than my dress- maggie sottero - addison. It was the one i was most comfortable in and kept going back to because i felt beautiful. So no angels singing for me either. I say go for it. You know, there are a lot of other similar styles like that one have you tried michelle, or porsha lynnette? Both similar and very nice.
  • i agree with ppl too.  I didn't cry or anything like that, i just loved the dress and fit, and no matter what else i tried from there i still liked mine better.

    PS I'm a Maggie bride too... Emme
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