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January 2011 Weddings

cute slideshow/montage

My brother's making one for us , cuz he's made a couple recently, but for my mom and grandma's birthdays, and i asked if he was putting captions in and he wasn't sure what to do.

Trying to find a sample for him, you know like those cute/funny things.. anyone know what i mean? one of my FBIL had a cute one at his wedding but not sure if i can get a hold of the clip soon enough! (and of course the FBIL who IS coming to our wedding is already on his way! gets in tomorrow night hopefully! i digress...)

so does anyone know of any cute/funny slideshows on youtube or something that i can show him?

hope everyone's holidays have been great and planning isn't too stressful!!!

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"Here we stand from two distant lands, brought together by His hand" <3 my Aussie <BR>

Re: cute slideshow/montage

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