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It's Friday!!!!

Thank god it is Friday and the end to a busy week. Last day of work and just hoping that it is laid back today so maybe I can go home early and tend to some business calls and clients from my business. Saturday should be fun this week if I can get things taken care of tonight after work rather than having to stay full time today and deal with some coworkers who drive me completely crazy... Have a great weekend overyone Wink

Re: It's Friday!!!!

  • I'll ditto that, it's been a rollercoaster week.  At least the boards are all full-moon crazy!

    Not sure what we're doing this weekend now that we're trying extra hard to scrimp and save.  Life is boring when you're poor.  Maybe I'll cattleprod the hubs into finally taking me hiking like I've been wanting to for the past two weeks.
    Don't make me mobilize OffensiveKitten



  • Pele I am there with you and wish I could do just that but FI works today and I have medical stuff going on :( Imay venture out and do a little window shopping or take a walk with my roomie's dog just to get out of the house. it is way too nice of a day for me to be cooped up in the house.. Smile
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