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May 2011 Weddings

Hump Day

Good Morning! I have another meeting/training filled day. Yay, sarcastic font.  Hope you gals have a good one.

Joy: Hope your headache has left the building!
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Re: Hump Day

  • Morning!

    I got nothing today. I'm tired.

    And I'm really irritated by Secret Life. Is there anyone still here who watches it? These people are ridiculous. Yet I still watch. :)
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  • Morning! Not much exciting here. My little sister is coming to town to watch Charlie this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon so I can work. She just finished her final semester at university on the east coast so she is back home for good now which is exciting!!

    I continue my job search which is always fun! 
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  • I quit watching it last year. (secret life)

    I have a job interview today. For an admin assistant. I want it because it pays 12.25. We will see.

    Thursday, May 5th, 2011
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    Ask me stuff.
  • good luck mono!
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  • Thanks, Degrea!

    Jay came home last night and I was lying on the bed with the TV on and pillow over my eyes.  I don't have time for this - we need to pack!!  Closing is in two days!  I didn't wake up with a headache day today, though, so fingers crossed the pain stays at bay.  It's been loitering around my temples a bit. 

    I hope everyone has a nice Wednesday!!
  • Hi. I'm tired. This was my 7th day of work in a row.Blagh. 
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