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May 2011 Weddings

Hump Day

Happy Wednesday, ya'll! 

I wish that was bigger. It's so amusing. 
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Re: Hump Day

  • I was so convinced all day yesterday that it was Wednesday. When DH got home and spoiled the news I was so sad!! My job hunt continues. I suck at it though.
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  • Good luck Echo!  Job searching can be so demoralizing but just keep with it!

    Happy Wednesday everyone!  Not much going on here besides work.  I live a very uneventful life :)
    May 21, 2011

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  • hey!!! :)
    Not too much going on here, I was up ALL NIGHT with the baby for some reason she did not want to sleep.  STILL waiting for my new John Green book, jeez Amazon..

    I am trying to find a job too Echo, it's a huge pain.. I am trying to bartend or cocktail a couple of nights a week so that I can continue to stay home w/Lulu.. you would not believe how hard it is to find something.. I have had to take personality quizzes (dead serious) and jump through a million hoops, it seems redic.  When I was in college I got a waitressing job with no experience, no drama, nothing, easy as cake.
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  • Hello!

    Not much going on here. H leaves tomorrow for PA with his mom and sister so they can start working on cleaning his dad's house. So it'll be just me and Chase until Sunday. Last time I had my mom with me, but not this time. It's only a couple days, so I think I'll be okay. I should be! If I'm not, we have a problem. :)

    Not much else here. I can't believe it's only Wednesday. Ugh.

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  • Hey its Charity cm42878, I got logged off my account and I can not remember the email address I used to set it up for the life of me. I made an email just for this and never used it again.

    Hope everyone is doing well! Echo, I just went back to keeping kids now that Elijah is 9  months and I hate it and I am getting ready to give my notice. Its hard after being home with them all this time!

  • Well hello friends!  So far not a very eventful day at work but that is a good thing. We did pull 2 huge leaves of grass out of the nose of a dog. That was quite rewarding. Dog feels better I am sure. 

    Has anyone seen those some ecards that have an inspirational message on them?  I really want to comment saying YOUR DOING IT WRONG. They are supposed to be funny people!  

    Hi cm!  We need a pic of cute babies. 
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  • Charity - my ultimate goal is to watch kids at home but I think our lovely dog is a hinderance to some people. He is a big dog and energetic so unless people are dog people it won`t happen. I have to give up that dream for now at least. It`s whats best for our family if I go back to work now and save money and get a better leave so we`ll make it work. I work 10 hours a week right now in the mornings but need something more. Part of me wants to just get one full time job but part of me also wants to find another part time job so we`ll see which part wins. 

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  • its raining here again....all day....its giving me a terrible headache and not making me happy! 
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  • Afternoon! Hi Charity! Not too much going on here just another day at work. Glad to see everyone is having the same type of day. The boss man is in town so I will probably be working late. Maybe he will take us to dinner. YUM!!
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  • Hiii!
    I'm tired. Work was busy today. I had a lot of stuff to get done. 
    DH&I went out for wings for dinner. It's the first time we've gotten wings here. They were good. I got garlic parmesan. DH got like 3 different kinds. He's crazy. 
    We got a pretty nice storm earlier! 
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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    my read shelf:
    Jessica's book recommendations, liked quotes, book clubs, book trivia, book lists (read shelf)
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