Girls Night Out / Bachelorette Party Dinner/Bar Venues?

Hi, I am throwing a Girls Night Out for the Bride in Philadelphia. I am not from the area so I'm hoping to get some recommendations for dinner and drinks for a group of 15-20 women. The bride suggested El Vez in Center City, but their set menu price per person for large groups is too expensive! $45 per person. Can you give me some other ideas of where to plan the dinner. We want it to be casual, fun, inexpensive, preferably with margaritas and near jazz or piano bars where we could go afterward.

Re: Girls Night Out / Bachelorette Party Dinner/Bar Venues?

  • Check Lolita-- it's right across the street from El Vez. They are BYOT (bring your own tequila) and make specialty margaritas for you. Duel is a "dueling" piano bar located on 15th and Locust in the Academy House which is just a two block walk from Lolita. Both are pretty casual and laid back. Good luck - have fun!
  • Try Bar Ferdinand- they do bar style tapas and are a little cheaper than el vez I'd think.
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