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Wedding Woes

I really want Jimmy Johns.

It's going to be a 40 minute drive round trip, and they don't deliver to my house. But this is what I want and nothing else sounds appealing. Why can't I want something more convenient?

Re: I really want Jimmy Johns.

  • 6fsn6fsn member
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    Some day I will order from there.  I'm starving but nothing sounds good.
  • Jimmy is totally worth the drive.   Jimmy is my boyfriend.  Though sometimes I cheat on him with Timmy (Horton).
  • I'm going. Now I just have to work up the energy to get from my desk chair to downstairs.
  • Umm.. What's Jimmy Johns?
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  • 6fsn6fsn member
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    I lurve Timmy.  They changed their chicken salad and I don't like it as much, but everything else is good.
  • Jimmy John's is a sandwich shop.  They have a simple menu with quality ingredients and great employees, which equals freaky fast service whether you go in and order or have them deliver it.
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    i don't know CandC, and i hope someone tells us soon. oh how i wish there were a magical thing that could help a person figure out that riddle. if only my stupid computer had such a magical gift to give to all of us...
  • Love my JJ's - just wish they hadnt dropped the sprouts.  But otherwise, I have been eating JJ's since they opened the original in Charleston, Illinois way back when....now I want a Beachcomber for dinner...
  • Wzz.. Oh if only!!  Sarcasm noted and deserved. :)

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  • I think they're over rated and really expensive.  Unless I'm just specifically craving a sandwich, I don't go there very often.
  • So glad they don't have sprouts- those feckers are nature's pubes.
  • I don't think they're expensive at all and I'm cheap when it comes to lunches.   It's $4.75 for one of their regular subs.  Their ingredients are SO much better than Subway and I've never had to remind anyone there to put on their gloves when making my food(or take of their gloves when I hand them my money...  (sorry this almost turned into a Subway rant - I could go on for quite a while.)

    And I love sprouts, but I love not having a stomach bug more than I love sprouts.  So I'm OK with that.
  • DH and I can't seem to get out of there for less than $20 (drinks, chips, sandwiches).  I just think for what is basically a fast food sandwich (it's not like they're using organic local materials), that's pricey.  Chipotle is somewhat cheaper and they are using organic foods.
  •  Not trying to be argumentative, but you can not get an entree at Chipotle for less than $6.  Not even vegetarian.
  • One of my co-workers several years back was JJ's cabin boy (he spent the summer just hanging out in JJ's vacation cabin and cleaning his boats, etc.).  Sometimes JJ would pick him up and they would fly to Chicago for pizza or some such nonsense.  Therefore I keep waiting for the business to go under for frivolous spending.  But I think most of the locations are franchises, so maybe that won't happen.  Also, I watched Queen of Versailles last night so I am suspicious of all successful entrepreneurs right now.

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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  • We seem to get out for $16 something with drinks.  JJ is $18 something with drinks.  It's not the $2 that makes the differnece to me, it's that Chipotle is buying (presumabily) more expensive foods since they go the organic route and JJ doesn't and should be using mostly cheaper ingredients (since it's basically just deli meats and cheap veggies).  So why is JJ the more expensive meal?

    *shrug* IDK if you like JJ, i just don't think they're worth it.  There's nothing in their flavor that blows me away, it's just a sandwich.
  • I worked in a Jimmy Johns and I can vouch for the quality of the food - how they treat employees is a whole different story.

    I still eat Jimmy Johns even though I hate the company - I trust the quality of the food THAT much (and it does taste SO much better than Subway).

    Tip - buy the JJ day old breads. DH and I will buy a loaf or two and use it for our own homemade sandwiches. It's 50 cents a loaf (so cheaper than grocery store bread) and oh so tasty.
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