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No Black Ppl????

OK yall, i interviewed a photographer that i really like!  Her personality is great and she seems like a wonderful person across the board. The only thing is when i was viewing her profile i didnt see any AA ppl. So i asked if she took pics of AA ppl and she said not usually.... Because no one of color has ever inquired about her services...... What would you you do?? hire or not hire?????

Re: No Black Ppl????

  • My photographer has also never photographed a black wedding. More than likely for the same reasons. I didn't really think anything of it but I know that I'll be expanding her clientele which is a good thing for her.
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  • I dont think thats a problem...we all tend to just look within our own circle of race to find everything (and im guilty for that as well) but i really dont believe you should have a problem with them taking the pics...after all they are just pics right??? I mean how can you mess up OUR BEAUTY lol jk... HTH

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  • I don't take pictures of black people is waaaaaay different a statement than no black people have ever hired me to photograph their day.   considering the part of the country you're in it's pretty damn bizarre but if it's bothersome take a look through the rest of her portfolio.  she doesn't just do weddings yes?  if there are other pictures she can show you or that are on her website and you don't find anyone non caucasian in her entire body of work, that's something i'd find sideye worthy and sort of impossible.

    ya'll are on it though!  don't know if this is something that would've ever occurred to me to look for because at the end of the day whatchu finna do take a picture of everybody except me and my husband?  lol!!
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