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Family Drama **VENT**

So we are getting married May 4th, and have just about everything done except for little details.  Well, my aunt (that I actually lived with for a year as a teenager) just backed out because my cousin (a freshman in college) got invited to prom.  She called and told me she wanted to be there to take pictures and didn't want to leave the house unattended on prom night.  Seriously? He's in college! So because of that, I had to redo some tables. (and i already made my 3 layer escort cards by hand!) The easist fix was to put my parents (who have been divorced for 18 years) at the same table.  They get along fine and I thought this would be no issue.  I asked my father if it was ok and he was totally fine with it.  I mentioned it to my mother and she had a mental breakdown.  She told me she'd rather not sit with my father and stepmother, and when i asked her why (my father has been remarried for 15 years) she refused to answer me.  She texted me yesterday with just the word "fine".  In my eyes she's being completely immature. she's around my father and stepmother at every function involving my niece (which is about once a month) and they never seem to have issues.  Am i being insensitive? It just sucks that the FI's parents who are divorced have no problem being at the same table and I'm having drama. 
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Re: Family Drama **VENT**

  • I don't think you are being insensitive. I would mention to mom that this is the best option you have after your aunt cancelled and remind you that you aren't doing this to her on purpose. If she has been ok with being around him in past functions she will probably be fine and maybe was just having a bad day when you mentioned it.. ?

    Sorry for the family drama. I'm dealing with a family issue today too- My sis decided that she CANNOT be at the same function as one of my brothers. I told her that I didn't want it to ruin her day but I needed to think about I wanted to handle it.. So then she tells me today that she "fixed it" by uninviting my brother through a third party. Still trying to come up with a solution to tactfully handle this one.. Ugh.

    Oh, and I feel the same way when I compare my family drama to FI's family! I just sarcastically tell him "you're welcome for the new fam!" after I vent about drama. :)
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    That's pretty crappy of your aunt, I'm really sorry she did that to you. 

    My mom and dad have been divorced for 26 years and I would never put them at the same table. They get along fine when they have to be around each other but they're both remarried and should host their own tables IMO. 

  • lindanp- i couldn't imagine having siblings that couldn't be around eachother...especially to the point they couldn't suck it up for my wedding! That sucks!  rdr716- would have loved to have her host her own table, but she has absolutely no family that she speaks to anymore except for me and my sister, so that leaves a half empty table.  we are doing a sweetheart table and there is one table on either side of us.  On one side is my fi's parents and grandparents.  so on the other side would be mine..i was going to deal with just having my mom and sister at a table until this all came up.  My father was originally going to sit with my stepsisters and their husbands but i have to put two cousins somewhere (the aunt that backed out's stepkids!) and my stepsisters are the only ones they know. So that displaced my dad and his wife.  Ugh! its last minute so of course little details all over the place are going wrong! 
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  • i totally understand about family drama. my dad has 5 brothers and sisters and no one talks to each other. I talk to them all so i invited all of them. I am so tired of hearing well if so and so is coming im not i finally told them they need to go up this is my day and if they can not act like adults and respect all the time and hard work to honor me and my new husband they dont have to come. i just dont understand some people. good luck with everything and hopefully they will not continue with the drama u deserve your day!!!
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