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Hello all!!

so, I just got engaged on Friday...yippee!! We've been looking at the Biltmore Estate for a venue. I have the packages for the receptiofranc their costs, but wondering if anyone has a round about total cost for a wedding there (ie flowers, decorations, carriages, entertainment, etc)? And number of guests.
Also, we live in Chicago, so this would be a destination wedding for us, so would you recommend a wedding planner and how much do they typically charge in the NC area??

thanks for all your help!!!

Re: Biltmore Estate

  • Congratulations!!  I got engaged on the Biltmore Estate on 12/28/12 and we are getting married this 12/28...I was going to do the wedding at Biltmore, but it is VERY PRICEY, especially for a small wedding....6 or less was $2000 and any more than that was $75 per person.  You will do great there if you are having more guests.....Best of luck...
    I will tell you that I was talking to a DJ that posed as a wedding planner and charged me $150 for JUST speaking to him on the phone twice and via email correspondence!  Go figure...Just be careful and make sure you have the WRITTEN ESTIMATE of the consultation UP FRONT, before you tell your "planner" how excited you are about him/her helping you...

    Best of luck!!!  By the way, I am doing everything myself...amazing what you can do on your own with the internet....

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