Volunteers/Waiters to help with reception

We are using Qdoba as our catering for our reception.  Their price is excellent, their food is delicious, they are setting everything up for us and after that it will be self-serve. We are still looking for some type of waitstaff to help out with the wedding. We wouldn't need waiters per-say just a few people who could make sure the food runs smoothly and help with the cake.

I've heard of other people making a donation to a volunteer group in order for the service. I was wondering if anyone knew of a type of organization like that who could help with the wedding or just a group in general we could pay.   

Any thoughts or ideas are greatly appreciated. 

Re: Volunteers/Waiters to help with reception

  • Church youth groups, high school and college students, Craigslist and even asking people who moonlight at the local bars and wineries around here should help. During the summer I just work Sunday afternoons at a vineyard and my servers going to be co-workers who just want to make some easy off book cash.
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