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Nervous about Cashman

I'm using Cashman photography since it came with my package (MB Chapel), 45 minutes of photography. I've been reading all these bad reviews and I'm nervous! I hope I luck out and the photos end up looking nice. Too late to get a different photographer since wedding is in 2.5 weeks. Ugh I'm getting a stomach ulcer thinking about this!!
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Re: Nervous about Cashman

  • I am nervous about them too(MB Valley of falls). Even so that I am considering paying the outside vendor fee. I really hope it goes well for you. Have you checked other photographers? You might find someone.
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  • I dont' think you have to be too nervous about the photos.  From the reviews we've seen over the past few years, they generally take 'okay' photos, it's the pricing that really sucks; i.e. thousands for the digital rights or several dollars per print.  Most people opt to just use them for the bare minimum of time during the ceremony and then bring in a third party for every other aspect of the day, before and after.

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  • I'm getting married at the Trop and they're a cashman's hotel. Since my brother had cashman's for his wedding I kinda know what we're getting. I found it was a lot of posing and pretty much zero 'capture.' That said, the photos were really lovely and I think I'll be happy with them.  My only issue thus far is my coordinator told me to call cashman's to set up my appointment with them and I've left messages but no one has called me back. So far not awesome at customer service...
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  •  I am also getting married at MB and don't really have my expectations set high on getting great pictures from Cashman for the same reasons as you so we will have a photographer taking getting ready pictures, around the resort, after the ceremony and the rest of the evening just so I will have some peace of mind that somewhere in all those pics I'll have good ones lol
  • I found this review about Cashman so this may help calm our nerves!

    Cashman Photography @ Mandalay Bay: A+
    Based on previous reviews, I was prepared to HATE Cashman-- I went in being really antagonistic toward them and vowed not to buy a single print or photo right that wasn't included in our package.  Right after the ceremony, our photog asked me if I wanted to do family formals and I dismissed him because I wanted Todd to do them instead.  He was totally cool with that, and Todd did a few quick family shots in the back of VoTF before we headed out for our Strip Tour.  I went to our Cashman appointment the next day to pick out their shots and I have to say, they were STUNNING-- our guy did a great job.  Yes, they do try to upsell you by having all sorts of stuff (framed 8x10s, an album, a video montage) all pre-made for you so you buy it right on the spot, but I didn't find our saleswoman to be overly aggressive and I didn't feel uncomfortably pressured to buy anything I didn't want.  That said, despite my earlier resolution to not buy a single damn thing from them, FI and I cracked and bought a few 8x10s and some extra 4x6s, and I have a feeling we might buy some more too now that we're home.  They really did a nice job so I can confidently say that my experience with them was wonderful, so they're not all bad! ;) 
  • You can pay to have an outside vendor at Mandalay Bay? Wow! i wish it was the same for all hotels that use Cashman... I'm stuck with them at Excalibur.
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  • Thanks fablove that's reassuring!  

    I saw some of their photos and they just seem so 80s style to me! So posed and the blur on the photos make it seem like glamour shots, which I do not want lol.

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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Nervous about Cashman</a>:
    [QUOTE]Thanks fablove that's reassuring!   I saw some of their photos and they just seem so 80s style to me! So posed and the blur on the photos make it seem like glamour shots, which I do not want lol.
    Posted by psily[/QUOTE]

    Same here! You'll find out before me how good they are so please keep me posted!! <img src="" border="0" alt="Wink" title="Wink" />
  • Thanks Fablove for the review you found! You both are before me so please post! Lol
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  • lol "80's style"  Yeah unfortunately it's hit and miss with Cashman as far as photo quality (before getting into pricing).  I've very rarely seen a negative review from a quality perspective, mostly it's just either great or mediocre, so I wouldn't worry from a quality perspective, just prepare for the price problem.

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  • WOW!!! I am SO glad I am not alone!!!! When the Mirage told me that Cashman was their "exclusive" photographer, I got chills, especially after I asked for a portfolio of their Mirage weddings and they sent me the Mirage BROCHURE that is available online. I thought I could save a few bucks and use them for the free hour then hire who I choose for the reception...we opted to just pay them $250 for one additional hour then freestyle it with our personal shots for the rest of the reception, but WTH????? DO THEY RUN VEGAS OR WHAT?!?!?!?!
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