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Reviews 4/20 Big Day B

StripBurger/El Segundo Sol- A++++++++++. We had some communication issues throughout the planning process but they REALLY came through.  Everything was perfect.  They put up with my craziness and my ‘over planning’ and went with it.  The servers were fantastic and attentive.  Reminding guests there was a drink menu when they were trying to order shots etc (some guests didn’t realize everything was paid for).  I would HIGHLY recommend them. 

Gimme Some Sugar. A+- 5 dozen cupcakes and a cutting cake.  We had some leftover but some guests went back for seconds.  The carrot (our cutting cake) was SO GOOD and I heard they all were.  One vendor I didn’t have to worry about or really communicate too much with.  The cake was there when we arrived and they picked up the tower the next day. The hardest part was picking our flavors LOL

Fit-For-A-Bride- A .  I added Hubs suite last minute but there was a confusion and it wasn’t picked up.  But they came back and got it before I even heard my voicemail.  It was returned same day and everything was great.

DDB-B. I was worried dinner would run over so I called Mike to see if we could add time if needed. He said to check with my driver, Dorris, if I needed time, it was up to her.  We got to the bus right on time and heading to the Bellagio Fountains after the quick explanation to guests about rules etc.  My Ipod was plugged in and we were good to go.  When we got to Bellagio Brad, the host asked how much time I wanted to give the guests, I wasn’t sure what an appropriate amount of time was (I thought I’d have an idea of timing) so I told him I didn’t know.  He said 20?  I said sure!  Brad hooked up his phone a few times for song and at one point White Wedding was playing.  The lyrics just aren’t wedding appropriate.  And we had children before getting hitched so it was kinda a weird moment.  Meh, oh well.  But we picked songs and it took us forever to get a playlist we liked! J  Same thing at the sign (how much time?) I said I didn’t know, but there was no line so he said 15minutes, which seemed good to me.  At some point between Bellagio and the Sign I got a big black spot on my butt.  Dorris was great and helped me up and down the stairs.  We made one last stop at a gas station (where I took the opportunity to use the restroom…always classy).  Dorris offered us more time but I needed to get back for the babysitter and ge the kids to bed.  Mike had previously told me because of construction we’d have to be dropped off at Cesears.  He assured me there was a pedestrian walkway to the quad.  When we arrived in Vegas we realized it was pretty far but there was nothing we could do.  Dorris found out we had really wanted The Quad and she was able to drop us off at Harrahs RIGHT NEXT DOOR.  It was perfect.  I tipped and basically jumped off the bus since I had to run to my kids (we were running late about 15/20 min) and get the sitter (who was sitting in the hallway of the hotel).  I forgot the Build-A-Bear teddy bear my son left at the restaurant on the bus.  The next morning I called Mike to check on the bear and he left me know he was planning on going later and he’d do it then (which was totally fine I just asked he left me know), he seemed like I was a huge inconvenience to have to look.  He asked if I’d check my email- I hadn’t.  Later the email said he needed my card info for our extra hour and there was no bear (I’m super sad about the bear- the boys used them as ring bearers, get it!?).  I explained we didn’t take an extra hour.  And had him check with the driver.  Dorris recently called me and said ‘Mike thinks you went over but I know we had lots of traffic.  I’m not sure why he’s having me call you’ on my voicemail.  I haven’t heard from Mike again, so I don’t know.  Even with all that, the guests had an amazing time and it was super fun.

Koozies/totally promotional-A++++.  I posted on my site about these.  But I had really wanted them.  They were a huge hit for the bus and I loved that they were printed on two sides.  So glad we had these.  They look adorable in photos from the bus and we got free Bride/Groom ones with our order J

The Piano Bar/After Hours- A.  Fun yet again!  We did have to hawk eye for chairs and a table at first and then as we saw chairs become available we grabbed them for our party (only about 12 showed up for the after party out of 42 guests).  We did the Hokey Pokey and it was a good time.  Again, the pianist said something about $40 to a group member when they tried to request something (again told this later).  But even without requests it’s a fun time!
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Re: Reviews 4/20 Big Day B

  • Yay!  I'm about to order my Koozies from them!  I was hesitant because I've seen reviews (from other sites, not this one) that the koozies were too flimsy and cheap and the drinks soaked right through them. 

    Sounds like things went great with exception of a few hiccups.  Congrats!
  • They were great!  I haven't seen the bad reviews, though.  But these definitely worked fabulously.  And people got a kick out of them once we got on the bus and saw the cans.  I think at dinner they were a cute favor but add in the bus with the cans only rule and it was perfect!
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