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Still waiting to set a date....

Hi ladies, I need some advice: Ive been engaged since September and still haven't set a wedding date! My fiance is dead set on October 2014, but there is one issue that worries me with that- I am starting my Masters in nursing this fall, meaning I will be smack in the middle of my program for that date. I won't be finished with school for three years, so if anyone has planned a wedding while in school, was it doable/ how stressful was it? Should we try to wait until I'm done, or can we go for our original plan without too much hassle?

Re: Still waiting to set a date....

  • I wasn't in grad school, but figured I'd respond.  I think it is doable if you can take the time to plan this summer.  I think I read somewhere that most engagements are 14 months these days.  October is popular month to get married in New England, so if you can get the important vendors booked that would be good.  (I was an October bride.)  No matter what, there will be some stress, but the more you can plan ahead and use checklists the better it will be. It also will depend on how many of the little details you want (or not) to have.
    Also, don't think you need to take your honeymoon right away, but do take a night or two to spend together afterwards.  
    Good Luck!
  • I think it can be done. I was engaged this Valentine's Day and planned my wedding for this October and it honestly has not been very stressful (I'm not in the middle of a Master's program though). I would take this summer to get all the big things taken care of and from there you have plenty of time to plan the smaller details. The only thing that might worry me if I were a student is the possibility of a big exam or paper being due right around the time of the wedding. If you could get married toward the end of summer 2014 that wouldn't be a worry. Or do you go straight through the summer for school? In that case, it doesn't really matter!
  • I am in the ending phase of my masters. I will graduate on August 2 and get married August 16. You can definitely plan while in school, but I wouldn't recommend setting a date for the middle of a semester. A friend of mine did that and it really hurt her grades. I always wanted a fall wedding too, but the convenience of summer is totally worth it! My other advice is to keep it simple, trust your vendors, and stay away from DIY. I would NOT have attempted a true DIY wedding as a student, though some do. Good luck!
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