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Reviews 4/20 Big Day (A)

Harmony Medina-A.  She came for my trial Thursday and was wonderful when I had to switch rooms on her and she was waiting around.  She let my hari down so I could go out Thursday and on Sat when I wanted a more natural lip she changed it up.  The airbrush stayed well.  My lashes did start to come up in the inside corner of my left eye almost immediately (I almost called her back but I knew she was booked all day).  It kinda bugged me throughout the day but it wasn’t noticeable to anyone but me.  I had my hair half up and I didn’t notice til photos that there was a pointy part towards the back and in some angles it looked like a bit of a horn.  My fault for not really fully checking all angles.  I felt pretty and loved not having to worry about it.  Her pricing is great and she’s a sweetheart!

Happily Ever BorroWED-A+. You can see more about the sash that really made my dress on my website- long story short this website is awesome.  It came the day it was supposed to and I sent the sash back the day after we returned.

Presidential Limo- A.  When I called I let them know it was me, hubs and 6 bridal party members and we’d be taking photos. But honestly I don’t know if I said PHOTOGRAPHER.  SO they told me which limo to book and I did.  When the bridal party met us an hour into the photos we had 9 people. The limo was met for 8.  The driver made it seem like she wouldn’t let us all go, but then decided it was ok, just warning us to keep it down.  We fit but it was a stressful moment for me.  So, when calling make sure you specify exactly who/how many.  That was probably my fault and thank goodness she was ok with it (I completely understand if she hadn’t been, it’s a legal issue if there’s an accident or something). 

Todd, A. He was outside the hotel while Hubs was inside and they couldn’t find each other so we were running late for our first look.  He was great though and snapped away.  I had no idea where to go (except the Bellagio where our bridal party was meeting us).  He was great at maximizing our time even with a late start and bridal party members running late too.  We were uncomfy at first as we don’t get photos a lot but he was good about helping us know what to do and feel better about it all.  I can’t wait to see them (he said about 3 weeks). 

Bouquets, SpringDews/Etsy-A+. Again I have more info about this vendor on my site but long story short.  She was great.  Showed me photos as we made them, I didn’t love the leaves  so she removed them.  Did exactly what I asked for and they came well packaged and ready to go well before the wedding (like over a month).

Silver Sky Chapel-B+. The chapel is pretty and just as I imagined from the photos.  The coordinator was nice, but not the one I’d been talking with.  The bridal party and kids were rushed to walk (so I’m told, I was in the room).

Rev. Leslie-F.  Ugh.  He came in to talk with me about our relationship and mentioned announcing us as a family at the end.  I LOVED the idea and was happy because I had read somewhere another reverend (although it may have been him) got annoyed with kids during the ceremony.  Mine are 11, 4 and almost 2.  We had expected they may not behave (side note they were fantastic!).  We then told me he’d announce no photography at all.  One of the reasons I picked this chapel is because I was told guests taking photos was ok just NO FLASH.  I told him this and he was visibly annoyed but said fine.  He’d say no flash even though it’s supposed to be no photos.  Then when I paid him (with a tip) he mentioned that the chapel takes a big portion and we can pay even more to him.  So I added a small amount…I didn’t hear his announcements but Hubs said he sounded aggravated.  He went on and on about God only knows.  Asking us rhetorical questions that seemed forced (like he was trying to fill time).  Later he got angry with some guests for taking photos during the ceremony.  And berated 2 of my guests (although I didn’t know til later).  No one used a flash and I had asked everyone to take lots.  He also threatened my stepmom that I’d have to pay the fee because she kept taking photos (during and after the ceremony).  She apologized but he kept on finally saying that he’d ‘eat that cost’ and they wouldn’t charge me.  Weird.  He’s the one thing I wish I could change about my big day. L

Imagine Stuios-C.  He didn’t introduce himself before hand even thought the coordinator said he would.  He only took ONE photo of my kids walking down the aisle which bummed me out- it wasn’t even that good.  I would’ve bought up all the ones with my kids LOL (Guess it’s good for my wallet)…I only wanted like 3 of the photos he took and only because they are moments I want (Kids, Dad walking me even though it’s from far away and the kiss).  The posed ones where horribly awkward.  I received two packages a couple days later and I thought maybe a family member had bought me the CD so I popped it in.  It was someone else’s wedding.  I contacted them to let them know and mentioned a credit for helping them avoid an angry bride (hahah) and they actually did give me a higher credit!  LOL  So that was cool. The three photos I wanted will be free now so that’s cool.
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Re: Reviews 4/20 Big Day (A)

  • id let the coordinator know bout the issue with the rev.  cause the stuff he said and did was uncalled for.  but im glad all else was good for you :) and thanks for sending the links to the flowers and sash.  :)
  • Did you notify the chapel about the officiant?? I think I've read about that officiant before. Can't remember if it was Eviliciouz but it was another Silver Sky bride, and I think that was the only main complaint then too. Ugh, I don't want him to be at my wedding. I'm sure I can't request not to have him... It is just whomever is there that day. Perhaps if enough people say something though, they'll do something about it. So sorry to hear that! I would be upset and would definitely not want to pay him more...
  • OMG that Rev. had nerve! Oh he totally would have set me off if it was my day with his attitude then wanting more of a tip. Lucky he got anything at all! So happy to hear the rest of your day was great. I would definately complain to the chapel about him asap!

  • Hmm, this makes me disappointed in Silver Sky. :(
  • I'm hoping they just need to be made aware of the reoccurring issue with him... I may even ask my coordinator if they have multiple officiants in one day due to hearing complaints of one in particular and see what she says.
  • I did a survey today that the chapel sent and made sure to include my disappointment in the actions and preformance for the Rev.  I remember seeing some negative reviews of the same person in the past so hopefully they'll stop using him.  It wasn't just the rudeness, he was pretty bad when it came to the ceremony too. People mentioned it later like 'What was he talking about??'.
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  • Oh no... THIS is why Ive gone all mega wild and paid Flamingo's outside clergy fee ($50) to bring in my own Officiant! I was horrified reading your review of the Officiant! Flamingo coordinators also look after silver sky and i remember looking at their FAQ booklet (for both properties) which said you could either pay the fee and pick your own Officiant  OR choose one of theirs and just pay them a little bit more.

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    I'm sorry you had to go through that at the ceremony! I hope everyone got great pics of you guys anyway!
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