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Hi all! What are you guys getting for your bridesmaids? I am trying to find jewelry for them to wear on the big day but I'm having trouble staying in budget!! 


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  • I didn't really set a budget for my BM gifts.........I waited a long time to get married (I was in my 50's) and didn't want to skimp, LOL.

    I made their jewelry, using black, white & silver but they were all different (our colors were black & white with silver accents). I also didn't care if they wore it or not, as I've read here on the Knot that giving jewelry you expect them to wear is not considered a "gift", it's part of their outfit you choose to purchase.

    I purchased them all a silver satin clutch (since those can be used again), rhinestone initial monogram pins attached to the outside of the bag so if they used it, they knew which one was theirs, and these adorable mini-emergency kits that they all loved:


    In all I think I spent about $50 on each of my BM, but more for my 16 y/o daughter who was my maid of honor. I got her a black diamond heart pendant necklace the black Friday before our wedding at Kmart for about $50.

    Something I've often read that for BM you should shop for them as if it's their birthday. Get a gift personal to each of them, such as a gift card for a favorite restaurant, a book, a journal, something they will use.

    Good luck.
  • I got them what they liked. I didn't really care about the jewelry they'd wear (you can't even see them in pictures anyway). I just got something on their wishlist - I sorted of stalked (sp?) their Pinterest or FB. Good luck! :)
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  • I got each girl a pair of chandelier style earrings to match the dresses and a personalized hanger I found on etsy. The earrings I got from Kohls and they are super cute. I think I paid $10 per pair after all the coupons and discounts. I'm looking for cute flip-flops or grippy slippers for the reception... Hope that helps :)
  • i bought their day of jewlery online.. its real and it was at a decent price.  i dont consider that part of their gift though.  im going what i consider "all out" for the bridesmaid gift... i think one of the best ive ever heard so hope they love it
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