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Hi all,

I got married in Southern Shores last fall (10/11/12) and Rachael Hyde was our photographer. Her and her husband Sean are great - they were communicative and helpful throughout the entire process, and we were so happy to have them as a part of our day.

But then...
She disappeared. At first I thought that maybe something had happened to her home/business during Hurricane Sandy (she lives and works out of Manteo). Once December 2012 rolled around, my husband and I emailed and called her several times with no response. We finally contected Nanette with The Proper Setting (she did day-of coordination for us and was a lifesaver), because we thought that Nanette would know what happened to Rachael, if everything was ok, etc., It turned out that nothing happened during the hurricane, she just got really busy. 

She said she would get the photos to us shortly after Christmas. And then by Valentines Day. And again by the end of March. And then by today, Sunday, April 14, over six months since we got married.

Has anyone else had this problem? If yes, what did you do/how long did it take to get your pictures back? I am really disappointed - I like Rachael and Sean a lot, I adore her photos, and I am sad that at this point I still don't have my pictures. 


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  • Um, did you sign a contract with her? When you met with her to discuss your wedding, did she give you any sort of timeline for when to expect photos? We had ours within a month, and I think that's fairly common, some get sooner, but I haven't heard of it taking 6 months to get photos. I noticed on her website, she was picked as Best of Knot for 2012 and 2013. You may need to reach out to a lawyer to get this moving.
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  • Yes, we signed a contract and discussed timelines; we were told to expect the pictures within six weeks to two months from our wedding date. The contract itself does not include a specific date, which in hindsight was something that I should have requested be included in the terms. 


    The messed up part about all of this is that I *am* a lawyer. I think that may be why I am so hesitant to threaten legal action, which seems like something a pushy DC lawyer would do...

    Last night after posting here I checked her website... She has a picture of me included in her portfolio! So the photos are clearly out there, just not in our possession yet. The fact that a photo of me is up there angers me more than anything else; it just says that Rachael's business is more important (at least in our case) than fulfilling her part of the contract.
  • What were you to be provided with from the photographer? DVD, website, actual photos, etc?
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  • Ugh, this really scares me because she is my photographer for my wedding.  When we booked her she only had good reviews but now I'm starting to see negative things pop up about her.  I've been so impressed with her so far and she has been amazingly easy to work with and prompt in all communications (which I can't say for many of my other vendors).  We are meeting with her before our wedding and I'll be sure to ask her how long it takes to get the photos back.  I asked her that before I signed with her but its not included in the contract I signed.  Plus my wedding is at the height of the season so I fear they will be delayed even longer.  I hope you work it out.  Have you contacted the BBB?  I checked today and saw she had some resolved complaints...that might speed her up.
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