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1/2 way haaaaaaaaaay!


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Re: **HUMP!!**

  • Raves: The weather! It was nice to come back from Florida to warm sunny days!

    Rant/WTF: I fell yesterday while holding Faith and dropped her. Embarassed Felt like the worst mom ever even though she was fine. And I thought I was fine too, but now my wrist is killing me whenever I pick something up or grab something.
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  • Nickey - Oh no! I'm glad Faith is okay and I'm sorry about your wrist. I hope it starts feeling better soon!

    WTF: Do people feel the need to put EVERYTHING on Facebook? I have a "friend" that constantly posts about how her husband doesn't love her, is cheating on her, doesn't pay attention to her, etc and then he comments and they go back on forth for all the world to see. What's the point?!

    Rave: I get to meet my BFF's newborn daughter this weekend. I'm going up to their house on Saturday and staying the night. I was hesitant to stay, but she said it would great if I stayed. I'm excited to see my goddaugther (her other daughter) as well because she's at that age where she's learning so much all the time, talking constantly and just changing so much.

    Rant: I have been pretty busy with work these past few days and I have really enjoyed it, but it seems that I'll be back to having almost nothing to work on again today. I work quickly, I get it, but it's annoying that I always seem to be waiting on someone else so that I can actually work. I love my job, but I really love it when I'm busy.

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  • Oh Nickey--I hope you guys are okay!

    WTF/Rant: My WTF and rant are pretty much the same today. Last night MIL calls us to tell us that work has given her the vacation schedule and her 2 weeks start May 30 . She tells us that she is going to France. The catch, she takes care of H's neice and she has to stay with us while she is gone. Oh really? I am going to have a newborn baby. What were you thinking? H's niece is a teenager but she is borderline special needs. She can do most things on her own but she does need some attention, not to mention a ride to and from school everyday and a lunch packed for her. I basically freaked out. It was a rough night last night. 

    Rave: On to happier things--it's May. Baby month!
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  • hcorr34hcorr34
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    Rave:  It's gorgeous out and there are only 31 days left of school.

    Rant/WTF:  NSIL now knows that we have been TTC since last summer.  She decided she would give DH a bunch of advice to give me last weekend.  I'm sorry, I don't need advice from someone who got pregnant on the first try in the first month of BC.  Then, she went FB public yesterday, and TAGGED me and everyone else saying congratulations to Auntie Holly, Uncle DH, Auntie TP, etc.  You don't publicly congratulate someone on becoming an aunt when you know they've been trying to become a mother for 10 months.  So every time someone responds, I get a notification and an email.  Really?  I get that you're excited, but don't include me in your FB post about it.  She's had 60+ comments and they're still coming in.
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  • Oh Kerry! That is pretty sucky. I thought you were going to say something about her vacation time wasn't close enough to your due date not that she was taking off to france and leaving you with niece! YIKES!

    Erin-your Rant made me giggle. That sounds like a healthy marriage! Also a trainwreck that I would be entertained by! ;)
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  • Holly-HUGS! I'm sorry. Can you untag yourself so the notifications will stop??
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  • Nickey - one of my biggest silliest fears is falling while holding the baby.  Happy to hear Faith is okay and sorry about your wrist!  And you are a wonderfuly mommy!

    Erin - have fun this weekend with your goddaughter and the new baby!

    Kerry - for realz?! I mean does she have no concept of what life with a newborn will be like?  Any chance you guys can get out of it?

    Holly - that's pretty sh!tty of her.  Untag yourself!

    Rave: This weather puts me in the best mood.  Seeing the forecast and not seeing any cold temps or rain in the next week makes me happy.  And it's baby month!

    Rant: I have felt nauseous on and off since I woke up this morning.

    WTF: I have had a kid absent since the Wednesday before vacation (three weeks ago).  I have some assessments I need to do with her before I leave and her mother is keeping her home.  She had some surgery and was legit sick, but she's better now and needs to be in school!
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  • edited May 2013
    Kerry and Holly, hugs to you both. Wouldn't life be so much easier if we didn't have to deal with thoughtless people?

    WTF: I bought my master's gown and hood yesterday. I'm two concerts, an opera, a recital, a thousand rehearsals, a term paper, two finals, and three and a half weeks away from my master's degree. When did THAT happen?

    Rant: Don't really have one at the moment, except for the people who STILL don't have their sh!t together for the opera and thus fell apart during our first Sitzprobe yesterday. I was shaking by the end just from putting out so much energy to keep it together.

    Rave: The dress rehearsal last night for Friday's concert was AMAZING. We're doing this epic piece called Carmina Burana, which starts and ends with its most famous movement, "O fortuna" (clicky). The whole piece is for choir and orchestra (we're doing it with just percussion ensemble). It's 25 movements long, four of which are soprano solos, and I get to sing those, including a super crazy high one at the end. It's been one of my favorite pieces since I sang in the choir in it in college, and I'm so beyond excited to be singing the solos! Plus I got a huge compliment last night from one of our voice teachers, who has sung the tenor solo many times and has also sung at the Metropolitan Opera, so THAT was awesome. Can't wait for Friday!
  • Jess-I am feeling nauseous today too. It's gross. 

    Thanks for listening to me vent ladies! Just a crappy situation. Don't think we are getting out of it unless MIL cancels her trip (which I don't see hapenening). There really isn't any other family around to take care of H's niece. We will deal with it and I am sure it will be stressful. The whole situation just drives me nuts. 
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  • hcorr34hcorr34
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    I have tried to turn off notifications and it doesn't seem to want to work.  I didn't know you could untag yourself from a post...I know you can from pictures but I've never needed to from a post.  I may check that out when I get home (can't access FB at work unless I use my phone).

    Nickey - I hope your wrist isn't too injured.  I saw a mom and dad walking down the sidewalk last weekend and the mom faceplanted (remember how uneven the sidewalks were here?).  Thank goodness the dad had the baby in the carrier thing you wear.

    Kerry - I can't believe that you'd be left to care for a needy teenager right after giving brith.  That is insane! 

    Jess - I hate parents that just keep their kids home for no reason.  They develop some really really bad habits by the time high school rolls around and attendance actually counts for something!

    OH - Nickey - THANK YOU for bringing back the nice weather.  I brought my advisory group out to walk the track this morning because it was just too gorgeous out to pass up!
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  • Girls, I'm sorry everyone is having issues! WTF is wrong with these kids? Why do they not listen? Ugh! Rave: it's already Wednesday! This week s flying! Rant: state testing is next week and I have a group I know will do badly because they don't care.....ugh....
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