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Reception Venue-45 Bistro

Anyone have any experience working with 45 Bistro for their reception?  I have it narrowed down to 45 Bistro or Garibaldi.  I love the ballroom at Garibaldi but 45 Bistro is in a better location and I like that the Marshall House is attached for lodging.  Approx. 50-70 guests for an April wedding.  Any insight on either venue would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Reception Venue-45 Bistro

  • Hello, I am looking at those two locations too for a 50 people wedding next year; what did you end up choosing? Any feedback would be appreciated! Hope you had a wonderful day.
  • Leaning towards Garibaldi, I love the ballroom and they have so many yummy-sounding menu choices! ChiGirl, thank you for that information.  We met with Danny a few weeks ago and he was a little rude at first but mellowed out after a few minutes of talking with us.  I didn't like the idea of having to share the bar with the public after cocktail hour.  How do you know which drinks they are charging to your tab?  We looked at Vic's and the Pink House but their minimum's were above our budget.  We are still a year out so I'll  have to try to work with other vendors over the phone, email, etc. from Orlando.  Not looking forward to that.
  • Garibaldi's is one of my favorite places in town.  I would highly recommend them.  

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  • I'm not sure if you're set on a day/time but we did an 11AM wedding and our reception at Vic's was a lunch reception.  We had the stoddard room (the larger of the 2 since I think the other room only holds 30 or so) and the food & beverage minimum for a Sunday lunch was only $1500.  We had a total of 18 adults and 4 children and after the alcohol, it came to almost exactly that.  Not sure if you're dead set on a weekend evening reception, but Vic's is definitely doable if you're willing to be a little flexible.  Also, since nobody had booked the room that Sunday evening after us, we had no time limit so we could have stayed as long as we wanted to.  :-) 

    I haven't been to Garibaldi's (we tried to contact them 3 times but they never returned our calls or emails so we gave up on them) but I'm sure whatever you choose will be great.  You can't go wrong in a city as beautiful as Savannah!  (Although I can definitely recommend a wedding coordinator to stay away from if you want to send me a private message.  lol)
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