Photographer nightmares

Our first photographer ended up getting deployed to Afganistan (he told us the second he found out) and of course we aren't upset about that but that made it even more of a rush for us to get a new photographer lined up.  (Our wedding is in less than 4 months)

So, this past Wednesday we met with a photographer and we signed a contract.  We even made plans to meet her next week with our coordinator, dj, etc at the venue. Then I get an email saying she is not doing our wedding as she is doing someone elses wedding.  She never once mentioned she had anyone else interested in the same date and even showed up late to our meeting....honestly, I get the feeling she didn't want to do our wedding as we weren't spending as much money as she hoped. 

So, I'm now desperate for a photographer....any reccomendations....I have to keep the budget under $2k.


Re: Photographer nightmares

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