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Necessary to include plus one

Its been hard for me to find a reception hall, I finally found the perfect one but it only fits 125 people.  I have about 230 people on my guest list.  I have included everyone with a plus one, unless im inviting a couple, then its both of them.  I was thinking of trimming the guest list.  Counting out some friends that we havent talked to in years, but I was also thinking of not putting plus 1 on some invites.  The people I was thinking of not including a plus one will know a lot of people at the wedding, would this be rude? Do i have to include a plus 1 with every invite?


Re: Necessary to include plus one

  • AddieCakeAddieCake Beyond the Wall member
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    If they are single, no. 
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  • Maggie0829Maggie0829 Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's member
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    If the guests in question are truly single, then no you do not have to include a plus one on their invitation.

  • Ditto, you don't have to give them a plus one unless they are a couple.

    But please don't say "No plus ones" on your invitation, like my friend did in my previous post. 
  • LDubHawksFanLDubHawksFan member
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    No if they are truly single, you don't have to, but you should not count on that right now. If they are in a relationship by the time your invites go out, you need to include their so. Since you have a maximum capacity, you should plan as if they all have a so. Eta: reading fail, you are accounting for 1s right now

  • It's not necessary to include them on the invite, but I suggest including them in your budget so if they do have a SO by the time the invites are sent out, you won't look like an a-hole for excluding someone's BF/GF
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  • You are not obligated to include  "plus one" for those that are truely single when the invites go out.   The trick for you, as a July '14 bride who has got about a year till your invites go out is to try to guess how many people will still be truely single.  I'd leave your self a bit of breathing room.
  • How is this the perfect venue if it only seats half of your guest list?!?
  • Yeah, I think you especially need to be careful about new relationships that form in the year before your wedding. We had a ton of single friends and planned on no +1s. If we hadn't had the declines we had, we would have been in serious trouble since at least a dozen people got into relationships between our planning numbers and invites going out.
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  • misshart00misshart00 Oklahoma member
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    In Response to Re:Necessary to include plus one:[QUOTE]How is this the perfect venue if it only seats half of your guest list?!? Posted by STARMOON44[/QUOTE] I agree with this. If you decide I use this venue, you should cut your guest list to at least 100 before you sign a contract. It's goin to suck if you decide to contract with this venue then can't get your guest list cut.
  • mc4dj13mc4dj13 member
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    Seriously rethink why this venue is "so perfect" that you would cut so many people out. You cannot judge merit in relationship, everyone who is a couple from the time the invitations are sent to the time the wedding takes place is fair game.

    I hope it works out for you and you have the day you've always dreamed of!
  • ohmrs2014ohmrs2014 Dirty Jerz mod
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    I agree with PP.  No need to count on them now, but be prepared if they are in a relationship when the invites go out.  A lot can happen in the next year in terms of relationship status'.  And also, why not find a venue that can accomodate everyone?  What happens if your 125 is without including SO's of those single people right now and then in a year they are in relationships and you have no declines and you can't accomodate?  

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  • Ditto everything PPs have said, and just adding -- reducing your guest list from 230 to 125 (a reduction of 46 percent) is not "trimming" your guest list. It's hacking that sucker down to bare bones. If you can easily reduce the number by 46 percent, why the heck are these people on your list as it is??

    I'm gonna go with 'not my circus, not my monkeys.'
  • thanks for the advice!!Smile
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