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Good Morning

Good morning ladies!  Happy Saturday to you all!

It's raining and very gloomy here, but we need the rain for a day.  

We're off to NH later today to see my mom for Mother's Day.  We have some errands to run this morning.  I really want to get my mom an Alex and Ani bracelet so I hope I can find a parking spot down by the store.  I don't feel like walking a few blocks in the rain.  We also have to go get MILs giftcard at a local greenhouse that is somewhat out of the way.

I hope you all have a great Saturday!
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Re: Good Morning

  • Good morning.  Dh is supposed to be working but called and said not to come in until later.  So he got up early for no reason and is not a happy camper.  I've got my gym clothes on and need to go at some point later b/c we didn't make it to the gym last night.  He worked a little later than normal.  Then we went out to dinner at a new restaurant.  It was really interesting.  It was all tapas, but not all spanish food.  They had different portion sizes from a couple bites to a small app, to an app to a meal size.  The bill was kind of expensive.  Oh well.  
  • Morning ladies! I have already been to the grocery store and to Home Depot. I need to head to the mall a little later. I need to get some face wash. H and I are watching Lincoln right now and we discussed maybe going to see Gatsby later. We also have a landscaper coming over this afternoon to give us a quote on a few things here. Oh, and I would love to have a baby at some point this weekend!
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  • Hi ladies!  I went for a hilly 6 mile run this morning and now have a nice pot of coffee for myself.  My tennis match was supposed to be this morning but due to rain we're playing indoors this afternoon.  H is off running, not sure what we're doing later since tennis will take up my entire afternoon and it is supposed to rain during the pro frisbee game H wanted to attend. 

    Come on baby W!  Maybe you'll have the perfect Mother's Day present?
  • Good morning ladies! Last night was opening night of the opera and it was AMAZING! I'm so happy with how everything went. I'll try to post a couple of pictures later when I have time, but right now I'm off to another audition (seriously). Later today we're going to a baseball game for my brother's birthday.
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    UGH...I left here at 9 and hoped for my errands to be quick. I got my mom the bracelet at Alex and Ani and then headed to Shaws (DH was running so I was by myself).  I was in and out of there pretty quickly, but for some reason, they weren't letting any cars eastbound on the big bridge that connects South Portland and Portland.  I sat in a major clusterflvck of traffic for almost 30 minutes just to get out of that general area and had to drive half way across town to access another bridge to get back to Portland.  Getting that giftcard ended up not being out of the way after all since that is the direction I had to head in, so I stopped and got that before coming home.  

    Now I'm heating up some lunch before I pack and head to NH for the night.
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