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Bridal procession

I'd really like to walk down the aisle to an acoustic version of "Here Comes the Sun." I've always loved it and it happens to be my mom's favorite song.

The problem is that my FI HATES the Beatles. (I know, who could genuinely hate the Beatles? Well... my FI. Sigh.) He would like me to walk down the aisle to Canon in D. I would much rather not. I'd like to just have an acoustic guitarist play for the ceremony. The argument we're having is that he won't even notice that it's a Beatles song because he'll be looking at me.

He said he's okay with it, but not to expect him to like it when he sees it in our wedding video in the years to come. Knowing him, if I did choose to use Here Comes the Sun I would NEVER hear the end of it. So we need a compromise.

Does anyone have a suggestion for an older song, that isn't traditional? That's not very much to go on, but maybe something that's simple like Here Comes the Sun?
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Re: Bridal procession

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     My bridesmaids walked to "Here Comes the Sun,"and it was so pretty, so I can certainly see your wanting to use it!  I walked to "In Your Eyes," by Peter Gabriel. How "old" were you thinking of?  Does he have a favorite song that would work?  My husband is a huge Star Wars fan, so we used "Star Wars: Throne Room" for our Recessional. All our music was performed by string trio. If you Google, you can probably find a lot of song suggestions for acoustic guitar and probably YouTube videos of the performances so you can hear how they would sound, too. Good luck!
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