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Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings


Re: Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings

  • Mine is my birthstone (Blue Zircon) and Diamonds.  I love it!

  • I voted yes, but it wasn't entirely truthful.  My center stone is a moissanite, but it's surrounded by yellow sapphires.

  • I would've worn, in fact I always wanted an opal, but FI's super traditional... plus it's a family ring so he didn't really get to choose. lol. i'm perfectly happy though, opals are soft so it's probably better that i don't have it as a ring. this diamond can put up with a lot more punishment! lol
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  • I have a sapphire ring with two diamonds on either side of the stone.  I always wanted a sapphire engagement ring and my fiance picked it out without me every telling him what I wanted. 
  • ok, not the best pic but I love having a little color in mine. I have 2 pink saphires on the side of the center stone.

    Glad2KnowU-that lavender saphire is beautiful!
  • My ring is an aquamarine with diamonds surrounding it and on the band. It's actually the pic in my avatar :-)
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  • My ring is sapphire with a diamond on either side. I picked it out. I always wanted a sapphire ring because blue is my favorite color.

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  • I would wear one. I orginally wanted one, but my fiancee talked to the jeweler about it and the jeweler said that all diamond would hold up better than the topaz would, so he picked out a diamond. I love mine now though!
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  • I have a blue diamond that I love!  My FI knows how much I love colored gems but he also knew I prefered a diamond for my e-ring so he "combined" the two.  I would post a pic but I can't find seem to take a good one.
  • Love my ring and wouldn't trade it for anything.
    Natural Sapphire and diamonds.

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    n Response to Re: Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings:
    [QUOTE]Natural sapphires in e-ring and wedding band:
    Posted by missy68[/QUOTE]

    I love your band--it is beautiful!

    I have a bezel set .89 carat sapphire with flush mount diamonds on either side.  When we went looking, I wanted three things--white gold, low profile (I'm a nurse) and either a purple or a blue stone.  We kept coming back to this one.
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  • Natural blue sapphire and diamonds :D I love it my fiancee's the best! <3 

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    Beautiful rings everyone!

    Yes, I have one.

    A blue sapphire centre, with a diamond on each side. I love it! I chose it because blue is my favourite colour, and I liked the idea of sometime antique- inspired in a modern ring (once upon a time, engagement rings were sapphire, emerald, or ruby. Diamonds didn't become the norm until the early 1900s when De Bers (sp??) came along).

    I have had some people be confused and not realize it was an engagement ring at first. Others who ask if it's my birthstone- nope, I just like it!

  • My 'missing' (Sniff, cringe) engagement ring is a sapphire set in diamonds. We were lucky enough to custom make it, before the royal wedding....   
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  • I have a one carat pure color diamond solitare set in a 6 prong tiffany setting, it's very simple and classy but I have tried bands and wraps with sapphires which I think are beautiful since they're not a diamond they don't take away from my main stone.
  • Blue Topaz, diamond accent and 10k white gold given to me on my 21st birthday after dating for 4 years through highschool and college

    . It is absoultely perfect in every way!!
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    In Response to Re: Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings:
    [QUOTE]Yes, mine is a lavender sapphire, and I adore it!
    Posted by glad2knowU[/QUOTE]
    This lavender halo ring is exactly what I'm looking for where did you find it and how large of a stone is it?
  • In Response to Re: Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings:
    [QUOTE]lab sapphire :)
    Posted by artbyallie[/QUOTE]

    I have the exact same ring as the one on your index finger! 
  • [IMG]http://i42.tinypic.com/309pl6a.jpg[/IMG] I'm getting a sapphire center stone surrounded by tiny diamonds and sapphires. It's currently getting sized so I have no photos of it on my finger, just this (if it even shows up).
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