Vendors in this area....

I chose my venue before scoping out the surrounding area - mistake #1. Turns out, the only hotel that is nearby is already full booked.  My guests next option is to find a bed and breakfast closer (I provided a list of all BB's in the area) or stay at a hotel in Leamington which is 40minutes away and where I will be staying.  

I am not familiar with the place, so I have no clue on who to find for hair or makeup and it isn't within budget to bring someone from Michigan.  (Oh yes, I'm from the Detroit area).  Does anyone have any recommendations regards to this?  It's in Harrow, Ontario.  Windsor is about 40 minutes away, Leamington is 40minutes in the opposite direction.  I'm a little nervous just randomly picking someone and I'm also hesitant to drive out there several times to get my hair and make up done at a bunch of different places.  

Mistake #2, I didn't check to see if anything was happening on my date - September 7th, which is a very busy wine festival time.  Hopefully my guests will enjoy the wine festival.

I am also looking for an affordable DJ for the reception. 

Re: Vendors in this area....

  • The only thing I can suggest is checking out the vendors in Windsor and seeing if they can travel to Harrow.  Likely, you'll have to pay travel fees. I'm not from the Windsor area, but Google Windsor wedding vendors and you might have some luck there.
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