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Monday Accountability

B: breakfast shake, coffee.
L: Interns started today, so I have a feeling we'll do a "team lunch"
D: grilled chicken & veggies, maybe?

E: Gonna try to push myself to go for a walk after work.

And I'm adding this one for me. I spend way too much time on facebook, so I deleted the app from my phone this morning. I'm going to try and limit my "screen time" as well outside of work.

Re: Monday Accountability

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    B - two cups of coffee and frosted mini wheats
    L - salad with tuna
    D - no clue

    E - working in the yard

    I am trying to get my eating back on track after a few weeks of total crap!  Hopefully I can make some good choices this week.

  • I have not been accountable forever. I feel disgusting and I am sure the scale shows it too - I have been too afraid to look. Back on track this week is the goal! With moving into the new house this weekend that should help too!!

    B: egg, cheese and canadian bacon on an english muffin
    L: salad with chicken salad and sunflower seeds, and southwestern ranch baked lays
    D: no idea

    E: walk after dinner and 30DS
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