flowers on a budget... and soon!

Hello ladies!

My wedding is in less than two weeks, and originally, I was going to DIY ALL the flowers.  Now that we're getting closer, I'm really reconsidering doing everything, and I'm thinking I'd like to find a florist to do our boutonnieres and corsages (I'm still doing bouquets and centerpieces--to me, they're easier and so much cheaper DIY).  

It seems like the local grocery florist is $15 per bout. and $30-35 per corsage.  Is that generally a good price, or are there cheaper florists out there?  Do you recommend any florists in the Spring/Woodlands/Conroe area, or should I just go to the grocery florist?

I'm also hoping it's not too late for them to take an order like this.

Thank you!


Re: flowers on a budget... and soon!

  • I'm not sure about florist prices yet but I was planning on buying my flowers through Costco.  I've heard nothing but good things about them and you can buy packages which include bouquets, boutonnières and corsages and centerpieces as well.  A florist told me they are the cheapest and freshest flowers out there.
  • I was going to go through HEB and they were going to charge me $32 per corsage and $13 per bout. I ended up going with Colony Florist in City Center (off of I-10 and the Beltway) and she charged me $22.50 per corsage and $11 per bout. Not a ton less but every little bit helps. I think she might have given me a bit of a discount because my sister is the Banquet Manager for McCormick and Scmick's over there and refers quite a bit of business her way but I don't think it was much off of her regular prices. She also gave me a lot more input than the florist at HEB. My flowers were gorgeous so it worked out.  She did mine with very little notice as well and didn't hold me to a minimum, which was important because I had a very small wedding. You might want to give them a call and see if she will work with you on pricing.
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  • Have you gone down to Fanin and looked at their stuff? As long as you show them detailed pictures, they generally can make arrangements pretty close. Prices vary, but they are affordable! We are getting our flowers there. 
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  • Fanin?  What place in particular?

    I really wanted something up here, but I may just drive further.  

    I looked at Costco online, and their packages are cheap but huge.  Way more than I need.  I didn't know if their in-store florist had smaller packages.  And I didn't know whether I needed a costco membership or not.

  • Fanin flowers is where FI and I are going. We were also going to stop by costco and get a quote. My mom said you have to go when the "flower lady" is there. 
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  • I ended up using Debra's flowers in spring.  I wanted someone close by, and her prices weren't too bad.

    $15 for Bouts (same as grocery store) but only $20 for corsages ($30-35 at grocery store) 

    (This was for pink roses and filler flower--I'm sure more expensive for fancier flowers)

  • Glad you found something! 
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