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Teacher Wedding- Ideas for students to help?

Hi. Both my fiance and I are teachers, and I was trying to brainstorm ideas and ways to incorporate our students' work and their advice/ideas into the wedding. I was thinking something cute like advice cards for him and her, but then what do I do with them? Any other ideas? I teacher 7th grade English and fiance is high school basketball coach and PE teacher.

Re: Teacher Wedding- Ideas for students to help?

  • I'm sorry, but I'm a bit confused. Are you getting married at your school? Are you just inviting a lot of students to the wedding? Do you just want a keepsake from your students? Are you trying to come up with an idea to display your students being 'helpful' so they feel involved/honored?
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  • Your students don't need to be involved in your wedding. I think 7th grade is too old to do cute little advice cards, unless you plan to invite them all to the actual ceremony and reception? 

    If the students are asking about your wedding, I don't think it would hurt to share small details- a picture of your dress, flowers, etc. But I wouldn't do much beyond that.
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    I am a teacher too, so I understand that you love your students and it would be fun to involve them.

    That being said...I think it is a little inappropriate. My students know I am getting married and they will ask questions about it, but I don't go into detail. My school has a fairly strict rule about the amount of information about your personal life that you reveal to students. That rule is for good reason. I don't know if your district has any rules or regulations in that regards, but just be careful about it.

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    No, no, no!  For one thing, you can't be using class time for your students to write "advice" for your personal event. For another, you need to keep your work life and your outside life separate. 

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  • As a teacher, I honestly find this idea a little odd.  I did not consider doing something like this for our wedding.  My students asked questions about the wedding, and a few joked that they better be invited.  After the wedding, I showed them about five pictures from the wedding and told them a little bit about the day when they asked.  That was really the extent that my students were involved in my wedding.
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    Same for me, Libby. I refused to even let them know the location. 

    What did you think would happen if you walked up to a group of internet strangers and told them to get shoehorned by their lady doc?~StageManager14
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    DH and  I are both teachers and I don't think you should be spending your class time having students make/write things for your wedding.  I'm sure your principal would not be pleased.
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    I'm not a teacher but I find it inappropriate. 

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
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    I teach.  My PE girls asked tons of questions, and I didn't mind sharing, cos we went far away to get married.  I showed them some photos after and that was about it.  They were interested, but they really didn't care that much, or at least not enough to do anything more than ask questions and look at dress pictures

  • I can't imagine any 7th grader, especially 7th grade boys, wanting to write marriage advice for their teachers. Especially if you're looking for something "cutesy." Unless you meant 7 year olds?
  • I'm a teacher too...I have to agree with PP's. Your wedding is not really your students' business and not something you should be discussing with them. I just imagine 7th grade boys and where their minds would go thinking about what happens after the wedding...ew. 
  • At MOST, you can hire ex-students for helping with the wedding (moving chairs, decorating, etc).

    I know your wedding is super exciting to you, but it does not, and SHOULD NOT, bleed into every aspect of your life.
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  • If my high school gym teacher asked us to write advice cards for them the entire thing would have become a joke and we would've wrote immature, inappropriate things and handed them back in and thought we were hysterical. I imagine the 7th graders wouldn't be much more mature.

    Keep your wedding and work life separate.
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  • When I opened this, I expected it to be about wanting to incorporate something from Kindergarteners .... like tissue paper flowers that they did as a craft..or their little hand prints for escort cards

    But 7th grade and high school PE? I'm not sure why you want to incorporate this. It's not cute or interesting, it's just odd.

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  • Agreed.  I teach grades 3 and 4.  The kids know that I am getting married.  A few parents have asked.  My colleagues are having a shower for me.  I am not having the kids It's not educational, there's no real social value (I mean, we do non-'teaching' activities when there's a social responsibility message behind it) but to have them make wedding stuff- weird.

    An aside- one of my former student wrote on a card for one of our staff members for their wedding... she said "I hope he says yes..."  Cute, eh?
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  • When one of my teachers got married (I would have been 5 or 6) we had a make believe wedding as our class play. I'm sure it was meant to teach us stuff - It was like a big project. Writing invites, doing craft, acting I don't know. It was fun but that was it.
    When I was in high school if a teacher was getting married we would just say 'good luck' and that was it.
    Though In our final year of high school my biology teacher was planning on proposing in Paris to his gf and told us, we bought him a mini guidebook to paris and did funny annotations. But he didn't ask.

    Honestly it would be a bit odd

    I run a Brownie group and they wanted to make some craft for the venue to use as decor - they are being incorporated on the tables (name things/table names/sign for guestbook - they decorated them). But that's GirlScouts so very different to teaching high school.they also got a badge
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