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True or False?

Could someone please weigh in? (No pun intended)...

I know the amount of calories that I should be consuming, etc. What I am confused about is should I not be eating after a certain time like 8 pm.  Some people say it's true and some say it's false, but I guess the real reason that I am concerned is because I work 2nd shift (2:30 pm-11 pm), so my meals tend to be later in the evening. What should be the cut-off for my last meal?

Re: True or False?

  • Gotcha thx. I was kinda starving some nights...
  • It's more about the calories-in-calories-out ratio than WHEN you eat. When I was losing weight, I'd eat sometimes a half an hour before bed, and I still lost mad weight, because I was expending more calories than I was taking in. 
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