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where to have my wedding

ok ladies I need help my fiance is from outside new york buffalo so his whole family and friends are from there and im from ohio so all of my family and friends are from here we have over 200 people. DO you think we should do it half way so neither family is upset or should i do it in ohio I need opinions please

Thank you,

Re: where to have my wedding

  • Do you really think they'll be upset if you have it in Ohio? I've come to find when it comes to weddings people will travel. Sure great aunt sue may not be able to make the trip but you'll be surprised how many are willing to come in. If they would truly be upset that you would have a wedding in ohio there are many in between points you could choose from, however i would go with a place you and your fiance are comfortable with. 

  • mlg78mlg78 member
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    Do it where the bulk of guests are from.  Don't make  BOTH sides travel...that's just silly.

  • Do it where it will be the easiest for you to plan it. I'm assuming you live in Ohio still so it would be easier for you to take time to check out venues & vendors in the area you live then out of town. Buffalo isn't that far away. My only recommendation would be to try to pick venues that are within hotels or very close to hotels to make it easier for those who need to book rooms.

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