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Picking your colors

How many colors is TOO many colors?
How did you select your colors?
Did you base your colors on the season, the venue, your favorite colors, his favorite colors?

Re: Picking your colors

  • Our colors are purple and gray. My favorite color is purple and he really loves gray as a decor color, and since those go together well, it worked for us.
  • I think you should take all those into account, but don't overstress about it. For me, I got married and had our reception at an all red brick building, so I stayed away from red, pink, and orange, because I knew it would clash really bad with the walls on the inside AND outside of the building. But for some venues where it's a blank slate, you may not have to worry about that as much.

    For us, our colors were loosely chosen, and we just chose complimenting colored items as we went along. It wasn't too themed at all.
  • I considered the season and the venue and chose to go with neutrals and gold because I don't want to clash with the Christmas colors that will be everywhere since we are having a December wedding.

    Don't overthink it -- I tend to overthink colors, so I can tell you that you will annoy yourself if you do.  :)

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  • But at what point is it TOO many colors?
  • I would say to pick one (or two) major colors and then everything else should only serve to enhance the overall look.  I agree that you really shouldn't overthink it.  You don't want your wedding to look like the characters from Sesame Street exploded.



  • When I thought about my wedding after DH proposed, I had a vision in my mind immediately of golds, creams, and white flowers.  I wanted a very elegant classic color scheme.  So I chose champagne and black with white flowers.  When I chose my venue and found out it came with gold damask linens, that kind of sealed the deal.

    I had a very monochromatic palette though so I'm really not much help.  :)  I agree with the others that less is more, don't go overboard, etc.  If you Google things like "pink and blue wedding," inspiration boards will come up that can help you visualize colors together.

  • I always wanted to have a bouquet of gorgeous pink peonies, so I worked around that as my starting point. The only other bright color I ended up incorporating was an almost-teal blue (BM dresses) that worked beautifully. I incorporated a lot of cream and white flowers for the ceremony and reception, but didn't really veer too far from the fuschia color of the peonies just so it wouldn't be color overload. I think it is really important to keep a good balance of color and not overdo it. The only other fuschia thing at the reception were the napkins.

    An example of 'color overload' that I see in bridal magazines would be uplighting. I just don't think it is necessary for EVERYTHING to be pink, purple, blue, green, whatever. I agree that considering the interior/exterior of your venue is a good thing to consider. You don't want to clash colors on purpose.

  • I've switched my color palette dozens of times. At this point I'm stuck between yellow, gray, a blue (either a cobalt, turquoise or navy) and hints of black here and there. Or yellow, gray, coral, and a aqua/turquoise with some hints of black. I just wasn't sure how many colors is really TOO MUCH.
  • Our colors are blue and purple hydrangeas, orange roses and hot pink orchids with green fillers. They ate bright and amazing colors against white. I will post pics after our June 29 wedding:)
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    I have somewhat of a story so I will try to keep it short. 
    I grew up on a farm and my family moved to the city (Texas) when I was 11. I left Colorado and my grandparents farm. I cried for days. I missed my family and missed my home. I always dreamed of having a country type wedding that reminded me of home. My grandmother and I talked about my wedding plans. I shared every thought and hope with her. I bounced all my ideas off of her.When she was stricken with cancer, I went and took care of her. I talked about growing up there on the farm and all the memories. One of my favorites was how she came home and found that someone had stolen her peacocks. She was so mad! I learned somethings about her that I didn't know. She once had a roasted peacock for Christmas dinner. When asked what it tasted like, her answer was...."Peacock, of course."
    While she was laying in bed, she would watch the hummingbirds feed and we would talk. I told her everything. She listened. It was then that I realized that I wanted her to be a big part of my wedding. Because she was helping me already. :)
    I chose her favorite things; peacocks and hummingbirds. So my colors are royal blue, purple, emerald green and golden brown. 
    My grandmother passed away a month ago and I am still hurting over her loss. But I know that she is going to be there when I get married because she is in every aspect of my day. 
    I will give you a piece of advice that she gave me. 
    "Little one, as long as the colors go together and are not overwhelming, you will be fine."
    And you will be! 
  • my colors are greens( mint, emerald) and all shades of purple! my fav is purple and his is green, also ours kids birthstones are emerald and amethyst. not planned either lol  even his wedding band is graved in green. so that how we got our colors!!!!!!!
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