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Venues near West County that allow outside catering?

Any ideas? Not very far in my planning but I have a friend who is catering. The guest list isn't finalized but I'd say near 175? The ceremony will be at St. Monica's. I'd like for it to be an indoor venue. A lot of our guests live in St. Charles so a venue there would be great. Any advise is welcomed advise. Thank you!!!

Re: Venues near West County that allow outside catering?

  • Do you want West County or do you want St. Charles? What's your budget?

    There are a ton of venues in St. Charles that allow outside catering, but most of them require you to pay an upcharge to use a non-preferred caterer. Also, if your friend isn't licensed, some venues might object. Outdoor venues might be easier. 

    Foundry Art Centre is one option. 

  • Thanks for the suggestion. He is licensed, he owns a catering company. I have no preference about west county v. St. Charles but would like the reception to be indoors.
  • We are getting married at the Foundry Arts Centre in st.Charles. Try have 4 preferred caterers, but you can use others for an up charge, but I'm not sure exactly what it is.
  • Purser Center on Logan Chiropractic's Campus in Chesterfield - it is open catering, but the events coordinator is horrible (she has delayed responses, and sometimes never responds).  If you do get a hold of her and book, the place is beautiful with open catering options.  It's also very close to St. Monica's!
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