Wedding Woes

A boo and a yay (mostly a boo)

Boo - Friday night, DH's car was vandalized.  Both windows on the driver's side were busted.  There was so much glass on the ground and inside the car, you'd think they hit all the windows.  The car was parked on the street to the side of our house and we didn't see it had been damaged until Saturday afternoon.  Because the glass repair place wasn't open until this morning, DH had to arrange for a ride to work this morning and I'll have to load up the kids and go pick him up when he's finished.  It's very much an inconvenience.  I hate (what we're assuming are) punk kids.

Yay - the glass repair place is awesome.  They were very nice and came to our house to get the car when I told them we wouldn't be able to drop it off until later this afternoon.  If it didn't get in early enough, it wouldn't get fixed today and we'd have to do the same damn routine to get DH to and from work tomorrow.  So they picked it up and promised to have it finished today.  They also said they had a ton of messages over the weekend for vandalism.  I hate (what we're assuming are) punk kids.

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