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Serious case of the Mondays

How was the weekend? 

Kinda sucked here.  Let's just say if a conversation like this happens:

DH: What are your plans for Saturday?
MIL: The softball game starts at 7:30.
DH: ok

It's fair to expect a statement like this
6: Who would you rather make happy, the woman who gave birth to you or the woman that gives you blow jobs?

How bloody hard is it to follow up with "That didn't really answer question."

Then his brother wanted him to "run over to help move tools."  I understand his brother helped us, but we didn't ask and later found out FIL paid brother.  They live an hour away not around the corner.  Oh, and they have an 18 yo son who is able bodied.

Max was up 4 times last night and the whole house was up by 530.  My mom and nieces are supposed to come today for t ball and the zoo, but it's raining. 

Re: Serious case of the Mondays

  • Weekend was hectic, which is par for the course.  DH's first alarm didn't go off until 6am and that was amazing. 

    Friday, we ran out for a quick dinner and a little shopping.  We then tried to play a game of cornhole with our neighbor, but it started raining.

    Sat, woke up early and ran to Trader Joe's and Target.  Got home and threw myself together for my grandpa's party.  Went to the party.  It was fun.  We had a good time with everyone.  DefConn got sooo... dirty and had the best time. 

    I took a wrong turn at a couple shots of real Russian vodka, on top of beer.  I can never resist that vodka when my uncle and his wife have it.  So, the night was rough.  I fell asleep in the recliner, woke up because I heard DefConn coughing, took some ibuprofen and fell back asleep, woke up around 4am with a sour stomach, took meds for that.  Woke up feeling OK, but was super tired.

    Sunday- DefConn and I met my family for breakfast.  DH and the kiddo split off to go to the guitar store.  We went back to my mom's house for a few to pick up some stuff and visit with my grandparents a little more. We met DH and the kiddo at Sam's.  We cooked out with our neighbors last night, watched Game of Thrones, and went to bed. 

  • Oh and I discovered on Saturday that I threw away my license by accident after my trip to the bank last week.  At least the lady at Trader Joe's was nice enough to allow me to buy my wine after I tore my purse apart looking for my ID.
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    Oh and I skipped my hs reunion because we had so much crap to do.  (which made me doubly pissed when dh kept agreeing to hang out with his mom and help his brother).  6 People went to the reunion.  I will not tell DH.

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    CHild woke up screaming around 1 this morning.  again.  I am ready to be done w/ this up at ight thing.

    Friday, the kiddo and I spent time w/ my almost sister and did crafty stuff.
    Saturday, we ran errands and had an evening picnic in the park which wasn't horribly successful.
    Yesterday we took the dog to the groomers, ran a few more errands, failed to nap and just did some nothing.
  • GBCK, I feel for you.  The screaming in the middle of the night thing is the worst.  DefConn does it at least once a month.  Of course, DH *never* hears him.
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    I swear my kids are just trading off who has the 1230 wake up.  It sucks. 
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    Buffy goes into 'unreasonble' mode--she's to tired to be logical.  And she refuses the Mr.
    Not that toddlers are inherently reasonable, but at that level of tired, she goes from having toddler logic to "terrified screaming for no reason".
    And she freaks worse if the Mr. comes in.

    We just rock and eventually go back to bed

    She also flipped out this weekend because we took the dog to the groomer and came back w/o the dog.  She and the dog hung out all day when dog came back :)
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    I'm exhausted.  We had a recital, ball game, pre-teen sleepover on saturday, and a family party yesterday.

    Everything went well, but ugh.



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    That gorilla is mocking me.  I want to see the baby gorillas today, but the rain may cause issue.
  • Had H's "family day" at academy.  That was interesting, but mostly informative.

    Then another race on Saturday.  Was very happy with the results.  Saturday was movie time with H and laziness.

    Sunday was supreme laziness.  It was lovely.

    I dropped H off today at 4:30 so he could drive back to school.  SAD face.
  • Friday we didn't do much of anything.

    Saturday we went to the city to see uncle in law's band.  Remember the horrible camping trip?  It placed 2nd to horribleness to that, but was still horrible enough by itself.  First, we got to city to realize that we left our suitcase at home.  Not that big of a deal, b/c it was just one night.  BUT, come to find out uncle-in-law has taken on boarders.  No big deal, except they all smoke.  The house was saturated with cigarette smoke. 

    Added to this is their pack of Chihuahuas.  5 of them, with 3 of them that would not.stop.barking. at us.  When we went to bed at 2 am, one of those damn dogs barked for another half hour.  That damn dog couldn't even see us.  The bed was uncomfortable and we both only had one really craptastic pillow.  I ended up sleeping in a chair, watching Netflix and only slept about 3 hours.  We left at 7:30 b/c we were both dying for a shower and clean clothes.  We ended up stripping the garage and then going inside to shower ASAP when we got home.

    Most of this was made up for in seeing older BIL who I like.  And seeing BFF.  I had told him we would just see him next time, b/c schedules weren't working.  Instead, we just went to his bar.  I was walking through the lobby and could see him.  He was chatting up a customer.  He must've felt me looking at him and grinning, b/c he looked up, saw me, was stunned for a split second and then told the customer to hold on, ran from behind the bar and grabbed me in a huge, lifting-from-floor hug.  I know that I miss him, but I never realize how much I miss him until I see him again.  Phone calls just aren't the same.  I didn't stop smiling for hours afterwards.

    In a sad note, BFF's father is doing very poorly.  I told DH I simply wasn't ready to attend the funeral of my BFF's father.  I'm not ready to be thinking of things like that and to be that age.  BFF is holding it together, but I can tell he is scared. He is having to pick up some of his father's bills while father is in and out of hospital with chemo and side effects of chemo.  So, here's a hearty FARK cancer for your Monday morning.

    This is way longer than I thought.

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