What to wear to outdoor Jack and Jill?

So our awesome wedding party is throwing us a Jack and Jill in a few weeks.  The place we are getting married at in October has a separate outdoor field and pavillion area which we all decided would be the perfect place for the party.  It's going to have that picnic/cook out feel with different games like volleyball, frisbee, softball, etc.  My question is, what do I wear to this?  

If it were indoors, I would most likely get a summer dress but since we're going to be outside in July and playing games with our friends and family, I feel like that just doesn't make sense.  Are shorts/capris and a cute top OK?  I don't want to look under-dressed but I also want to be comfortable and enjoy myself.  Thanks!!

Re: What to wear to outdoor Jack and Jill?

  • I wore a white dress to mine. I just think its cute. But its a party for you so dont over think the dress code! You could always wear a sundress with shorts underneath!
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