Venue help needed - back at square one!!!

We had planned to get married 5-17-2014 and would still like to if possible. We had an awesome venue picked out (Bally Springs Inn) and were super excited about it, but my fiance and I are both vegan and have been trying to work out an all vegan menu with them for over 4 months. We haven't signed any type of contract yet because of the menu details, and I finally decided that it's not the right place for us because of less than stellar communication (I'm being nice)
Anyways... I told them I was no longer interested, but now I need a new venue! BLAH!!! I would love any suggestion... I am open to Philly, Philly suburbs, NJ, Lancaster, you name it lol... we are having a small wedding (50 to 75 people) and the vegan menu is a must, although I think almost any caterer can work with us.

We are also on a budget since my fiance and I are paying for it ourselves. I don't want firehall budget but I am also not interested in places that charge more than $75 a person. I know, so picky! Honestly it doesn't even have to be a legit venue, if I can bring a caterer there I am interested!  We found a great vegan caterer so an affordable location would be perfect but I can't seem to find any lol. I am even considering my mom's backyard lol and renting a huge tent (although my family thinks that's tacky =()

I would love any suggestions!

Re: Venue help needed - back at square one!!!

  • the highlands allows you to bring in your own caterer and supply your own alcohol. it's located in ft. washington right off of 73 so its easy to get to. i'm getting married 5/10/14 at the river room at the manayunk brewery, not sure about the menu situation but it's really affordable.
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    I realize you want an all vegan menu since you and your FI are vegan, however, have you considered your guests?  If I were you, I'd consider doing a more traditional menu with vegan options that your guests may choose.  I wouldn't be very excited to go to an all vegan wedding, because I'd probably be starving by the end of it.  Not that I wouldn't like vegan food, but it would be nice to have some other options available for your guests.

    I know for our wedding we're going to have some options available that aren't necessarily foods that I enjoy, however, I know may of our guests will, so we wanted to have a variety of items served.

    Just something to think about.

  • There is a really pretty venue in the suburbs - Bolingbroke Mansion - that lets you bring in your own caterer.  As a matter of fact, my florist is doing a flower show there in July.  I was going to post about it but you might want to check it out and visit.  You could speak with caterer who will be there too.   Check out her website at for the information and then let her know you're coming. 
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