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Centerpiece Ideas for a family-style dinner reception

Hello....Is anyone out there???

If so, I was hoping to get your help with centerpiece ideas for a family-style dinner reception.

When I have attended past weddings, the centerpiece is the first thing to get chucked off the table to make room for all the courses during dinner....9 courses to be exact!
It looks pretty and serves a purpose for about 20 min so I feel that I shouldnt be investing too much in to it.

Any ideas?  Thanks all!!

Re: Centerpiece Ideas for a family-style dinner reception

  • Hello! I was wondering if you have any advice to share regarding family style dinners and centerpieces. Our wedding is in October and I appreciate any advice you could share. Thanks! 

  • The biggest thing with family style is that the tables can get more crowded than usual. So giant, elaborate centerpieces might be out the window. 
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