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Nevada-Las Vegas

Photo shoot location help needed

Hi everyone

We have a photographer and limo booked for just over 2 hours after ceremony.  We want to book the Neon Boneyard (I know it's a bit expensive but I really do love it as a location shoot), then after we thought about going to the Smith Centre as I really like the coloured pipes.  Then back to our hotel for photos taken on the terrace at the Cosmopolitan.

Can anyone offer any thoughts or advice on above locations before I lock them in?  Or is there anywhere else that I should be considering?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions :-)


Re: Photo shoot location help needed

  • We looked at the Neon Graveyard but unless you have booked a really really good photographer it's not worth it. I really wanted to go there also and had my heart set on for a while but I decided against it as whilst we do have a good photographer it's prob not the best photographer for that type of location. Being a photographer myself I know you would really need to know how to those types of shots, getting the right angle etc otherwise you could just end up with you and just a massive old sign behind you. You may not end up with that really cool vintage LV look that you might be going for. Does that make sense?
  • Thanks Dee, I hadn't thought of that.  I might talk to my photographer a bit more and ask if she has any experience at the Neon Graveyard and look at some photos.  I would hate to pay the $$ and not have the photos that I am picturing in my head.

  • Samiam125   Do you know how much it cost to have picture taken there. I know it a lot but I really want some taken there aswell. Thanks!!
  • Hi Hollystar

    I was quoted $400 for a one hour session.  Then you will have your photographer charges on top.

  • It's $400 if you have the photo's done outside usual business hours EG 10am - 5pm. It's $600 per hour if you want it done any other time. It's just too much I think. You can get some great photo's done from what I gather in Downtown LV outside some of those retro hotels.
  • When my MOH got married, they did an engagement session on Freemont Street. It turned out great as there is a lot of older neon signs there and they didn't have to pay like you would at the Neon Museum. Also, there photographer took them to the downtown "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign as it isn't busy so they didn't feel rushed.
  • Thanks everyone for the great suggestions.  So hard trying to chose locations as you know you will be looking back on the photos for years to come.  Lots of thinking to do :-)
  • I agree that there are a number of good vintage-style signs around Fremont Street, but there are also lots of people around many of the areas.  The only quiet times are usually very early in the AM.
  • An additional thought about the Neon Museum; if you're going to take photos outside, it is very dusty/dirty as it's a gravel lot, so if you didn't want to get your wedding dress quite dirty, I wouldn't do photos in the outside portion, and that's the best part.

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  • Thanks VG, I hadn't thought of that :-)
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