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My Dresses

Hi, Don't know if Im in the right spot for this but I want to add my two wedding dresses that I cant decide between but you don't have them under the designer and I would love to be able to see them side by side (they are at two different stores) the one is Mori Lee 3098 and the other is Bonny 821 thanks so much and sorry if im not in the right place

Re: My Dresses

  • Read the description at the top of each board - this one is for technical issues.

    Post this on "Attire and Accessories."
  • Oh. I don't like to read carefully sometimes.
  • Yes I could print them out and do it that way I just was thinking the whole I don't want the groom to find any evidence. but I did find out that the shop I went to owns the other shop so I think im going to try to convince them to bring in the other dress from the other store so I could make my mind up.............but I also thought it would be kinda cool to have my dress on here and be all like this is what the flowers are like and the cake and oh here is my dress lol I guess im kinda getting giddy with all this wedding stuff lol
  • that's a good Idea as well.............Thanks for all the advice I hope to make my choice this week
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