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Venue advice!

Hi, girls. I didn't really know where to post this, so if this isn't the appropriate board, just let me know! Anyways, my fiance and I are finally ready to book our venue, after 6 months of looking around. We found an amazing deal from a venue that is brand new- has only had one wedding, and that was the wedding of the owner's daughter. The venue is not finished yet, they are working on laying down the asphalt for the parking lot that is currently just dirt, the trees have just been planted and are only about 5 feet tall, and there is still some construction going on in the kitchen and reception area. The venue is scheduled to open for weddings this June, so by the time my October 2014 rolls around, they will have been open for weddings for over a year. Half of me is concerned that the venue might not look like I imagine it when it is finally ready, but the other half of me feels like since my wedding is so far away my concerns are irrational because a parking lot can be laid in less than a year and a half. What does everyone think about this situation? Does anyone have any advice before we sign a contract? Any clause that we can possibly ask the owner to add to the contract to protect us if something like that should happen? Any advice is much appreciated! Thank you!

Re: Venue advice!

  • If you look around on the boards, you'll see several posts from brides who booked places undergoing renovation/construction that they thought would be done by their weddings, but wasn't. If all they have to do building-wise is the parking lot, you're probably good, but think verycarefully about whther you will still like it if things aren't finished. Also, the trees won't have grown very much. I don't think I'd book it personally, but that's me.
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  • i am curious what is place called and what part of town is it in?
  • @allewis, what part of the valley are you looking at? There are a lot of good looking golf course venues around in all parts of the valley.
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  • It is Superstition Manor in Mesa, but we did not end up going with them. A few days after this happened they were on the news, their neighbors were protesting the opening of a wedding venue in a residential neighborhood.
  • Ah. They were at the Bridal Show on Sunday.
    Where did you book @sammy?
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  • I haven't booked anywhere yet. Sadly, I'm getting very frustrated and looking for a venue has ceased to be any fun for my fiance and I. It's begining to feel like more of a job, and it's kind of taking all the fun out of planning our wedding. I personally don't think I'm being that picky! I want an outdoor ceremony, with an indoor reception, my budget for a venue is about $5k, and my date is on a Sunday. For some reason I can't seem to find a venue that offers all of that, either they aren't open on Sundays or they're too expensive, or they're not asking too much but they place looks horrible. I can list all the venues I've looked at and they range from Tucson to Sedona and I just feel like I've run out of options. Sorry to vent!
  • I looked at so many venues for my wedding.. North Phx, chandler, Scottsdale, Mesa, Sedona etc.. How you are describing what you want is kind of what I had.. I had an outside ceremony with an indoor reception.. My wedding was on a Sunday and they gave a discount/ cheaper package for having it on a Sunday.. It was at Anthem golf & country club.. The scenery was beautiful. I'm glad I chose that place.
  • Thank you for that, initially I had ruled out golf courses and country clubs because I was told that golf courses don't want you/your bridal party to walk on the grass in heels (hello! You get married at a golf course for fun, bright, grassy pictures!!) and I had heard that country clubs cater to their members even over paying wedding parties. But now that I'm running out of options I've kind of opened up more so I will definitely check them out :)
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    That's true about the grass.. My venue had designated areas where we can go and walk on the grass on golf course.. They had a lot of areas that we were able to take pics.. I haven't got my pro pics back but majority are on golf course on grass.. Since my wedding was on a Sunday the clubhouse was closed to members.. So we had the whole venue to ourselves with no one there except invited guest and the people working the wedding.
  • Wow, I'm really glad you told me that because my wedding is on a Sunday also so that's great to know!
  • Glad I could help :-)
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