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Wedding week!!

Hey July 19th/20th brides, it's wedding week.. is everyone excited?!?!??!?!?!?!?  I am excited/nervous as the 10 day forecast currently has thunderstorms on saturday :(

Re: Wedding week!!

  • OMG I KNOW!!!!  I'm on Friday, and I still can't believe it!  AAAHHH!  Our forecast doesn't look so hot either... (no pun intended, the weather is actually supposed to be very hot, humid, and thunder-stormy).  But hey, the show must go on, right?  I can't wait to get married!

  • I am sooo very excited!!!  I can't believe it is a few short days away :)  My weather looks pretty good.  Rain the day before and after, but not on Saturday.  Lets hope they are right!  Good luck everyone!! 
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    Rain is good luck ;) So either way, we are all good! :) 5 days!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • Good luck ladies!!! Post all of your last minute crazy stuff and check in once it's all done. I'm excited to see more awesome wedding pictures :)
  • It's here! It's here! Ahhhhh I'm so excited. Our weather forecast has gone up to high 90s..boo! Oh well, people can jump in the pool if they just can't stand the heat lol
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  • 5 days to go for me!! i'm feeing really nervous and worried i'm forgetting to do something! family starts to arrive on wednesday so i'll be more relaxed then i'm sure! ahhhh i can't believe it's so soon!!! :)
  • Good luck ladies!! Try not to let the weather bother you!! My ceremony was outside and the minute my dad and I stepped out to start walking it started sprinkling, by the time he "gave me away" it had started raining decently. The minute husband and I walked back into the building the rain quit. Not exactaly what I imagined at all, my hair was soaked and had to be taken down, but the pictures of our family and friends covering up with scarves and purses and such are rather hysterical and some of my favorite!!
  • Aah 3days away and we definitely can't wait. I've actually been stalking the weather for the honeymoon more than the wedding day! :) TS Chantal just went through the Caribbean so that made me a little. nervous. I've packed luggage and all my things are a go for Saturday. I need to buy a petty coat, unity candles, hair & nails. I guess that's not too much left to do. What about you guys checks??
  • Enjoy these last couple days of preparing!!! Nerves are totally normal, but be sure to indulge in the fact that this is your BIG day! SO excited for you ladies!!!! Be sure to keep us all posted and to share pictures as you get them!!!!

  • Woo hoo! Happy wedding week fellow 19th/20th ladies!!! :) I will be leaving for my bridal shower in a few hours and my bachelorette is tonight. It's finally starting to sink in... I am getting married on Friday!!!!! 
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    4 more hours of work for me, then the wedding festivities begin!!! so excited!
  • I just took all of my things (dress, reception essentials, favors etc) to the venue. It's so pretty they've already put the room together! OMG it was so surreal to see it all and overwhelming when the coordinator is telling you where you will walk to and where this and that will take place. Ladies I'm so happy for all of us!!
  • Wow @chels&jimmy, you have quite the busy week!!! Have a blassssttt!!!! :)

    I'm so jealous that you're all preparing for the big day! It's such a weird feeling when it's over! I already miss all the craziness and planning!!! Enjoy these final days!!!!! :)

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