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$$ is there a page that explains all the $-$$$$

I'm sorry in advance because I'm sure this is the 1 billioneth post about this.

I was looking at venues, photographers...etc... but didn't know what they meant.

I located the dress pricing but couldn't find the others.

Thank you so much, in advance, for any help.

Re: $$ is there a page that explains all the $-$$$$

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    I don't think TK has ever had an explanation for anything other than the dresses. I think the reason is that so many of the vendors' prices are going to vary based on region, so what is $$ one place might be $$$ another. Also, there is often room for negotiation with venues and vendors. Some places offer you discounts based on season and stuff like that. 

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  • @Addiel73 thanks for your help. Makes sense now.
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