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Any restaurant with private room without F&B minimum for rehearsal dinner on a Saturday?

Did you ladies find any place that has a private or semi private room that does not have a food and beverage minimum to have a rehearsal? FI said he would pay a bit more money for our Price per person if we had a private room, but I don't want to get crazy!

Re: Any restaurant with private room without F&B minimum for rehearsal dinner on a Saturday?

  • We were hoping to keep it between 1500 to 2000 tops and that is even pushing it (I am tight ass, what can I say?) I wanted Battista's but the FI vetoed it (sooooooooo angry!)

  • I just found that on Caears group dining, so I sent in a request. Who was your contact for Le Vilage? I was also looking at Spice Market or Spice Buffet or something like that in Planet Hollywood...thanks for the suggestion and any info you can provide for Le Village would be amazing!

  • That would be great- let me PM you my email if you can send it over :)
  • Canaletto doesn't have minimums for their private rooms, I think $45 is there lowest price.
  • Thanks, Missax and also, spoon1984- I guess I need to look at them- I had a list for Maggiano's but everytime I go to open it, it crashes my browser :(

    I was also thinking of reaching out to Buca in Excalibur because normally they are pretty reasonable.

  • I must be daft, but do the pricing include or not include the tax and gratuity rate?
  • OYE! Ok, I figured it was without but my brain is total mush~!
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    I think, if Im remembering correctly, Maggianos is $42 per person for dinner maybe around $25 for lunch.
  • Thanks, Spoon. I am redid our count and we have 30 for sure (I cant imagine anyone else we'd have/need to invite) so I guess I need to do some magic with the numbers. I got a quote from Buca di Beppo in Excalibur that is between 28 and 35 per person and with tax, and gratuity probably like between 33-40 per person- not bad for what you get.
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