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Real housewives- OC

Can anyone update me? I caught a couple episodes of this, but not the whole season so far. Is Vicki's son in law a raging dirt bag or did i just catch the wrong episode (winter wonderland where he kicks Lydia's mom out)? I'm normally a lurker and keep caught up on the tv updates, but haven't been around because work has been consuming my life!
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Re: Real housewives- OC

  • 6fsn6fsn member
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    Ryan has always been a little "protector" of the home and the women, but last night was something over the top.  

    I'm not sure why Gretchen and Heather couldn't figure out that they wanted Heather to ACT and they wanted Gretchen to do a CAMEO as herself. 

    It makes me laugh that Slade comments on Vicki having surgery when that is clearly NOT Gretchen's original face.

    I love Lydia and this surprises me.

    Now I just want to know what happens with Joe And Teresa G.

  • All of what you said, 6. 

    The writers did a terrible job of making Gretchen the ''villain' this season.  I'm still not understanding why everyone is over the top mad at her.

    The whole Malibu Country fight is more stupid than the normal fodder that they provide to fight over.  It's like the writers/producers gave up on trying to make better drama.

    IDK what Gretchen had on her lips last night, but they were out of control.

    I just really do not like Vicki.  She has never been my fave, but I think she's down right ridiculous.  She's become a cartoon of herself.

    Oh Heather. I hate when my faves wade into the ridiculous drama when I think they're 'above' it.  I do love her and Dr. Terry.  They are the best couple/family on the show.

    I think the Tamra, Vicki, Gretchen triangle is so tired. I hope one of them quits the show.  And I don't even care which one.

    Why was Alexis even on the show this season?

    I love Lydia too.  We need more of her if she's going to stick around.
  • 6fsn6fsn member
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    Vicki was downright mean this season.  it's ok to call people stupid, but not comment on their looks? 

  • Oh yeah, and you know what killed me the most?  Malibu Country was a *terrible* show.  We watched it a couple times waiting for Shark Tank to come on if we were home on Friday night.  It was awful!  

    I'm not saying that RHoOC is great TV or anything, but it just made the 'fight' even more ridiculous. 

    And Heather being an industry vet should *know* the difference between a guest role and a cameo. She sold her ignorance well.  Maybe she does have some acting skills.  ;)
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    Vicki was terribly mean.  Some of the stuff that came out of her mouth was so vile and NO ONE backed up Gretchen when she called her on it.  Or if they did, it was half-assed.

    Gretch needs to get her spin-off and leave these chumps behind.  Vicki and Tamra deserve each other, IMO.

    I am going to watch all of the reunions because I've heard some juicy stuff and the background stuff always comes out during those things. So maybe we'll understand why they all hate Gretchen so much.
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