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And now I'm just angry

I had to give myself a Ho Sit Down card.  This project I'm working on probably has the most paperwork I've ever had, period.  I'm up to about 8000 pages now and have probably around 500 more coming.  It feels like it just keep ballooning out of control.  I started here in February 2012.  The person in my position before had not kept up the records like she should have and I hadn't ever bothered to go backwards and check her work.  That is my fault, but I thought with a 2 month lead I was doing okay.  Apparently, I should've done a 3 month.

Of course, it's Diva's case.  I snapped at him this morning that I didn't know why someone else didn't have what I sent them, I couldn't track for another office as well as ours.  

THEN, I find out he was in his office shouting that no one ever does anything around here and everyone in the office is white trash.



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